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Tips For Flying Standby

By Tom Tessin

If you travel a lot or you haven't traveled before, you may still be familiar with the term "flying standby". Flying standby is a term the airline industry uses when a traveler wants to fly on a flight with an open seat. Travelers that usually purchase a ticket the day of will usually have to fly standby if there a limit number of tickets available.

If you find yourself flying standby in the future, there are a few tips you can follow in order to make the trip at the airport a lot easier.

Don't check your luggage

If you're flying standby, don't check in your luggage. A lot of the times an airline will look for people that have carry on only. If you have checked in luggage, it's just going to be a bigger hassle for the airliner to find your luggage and throw it on the plane. If you just bring carry on luggage, you're going to increase your chances of getting on the flight.

Early flights work

If you can get to the airport early, you'll find that earlier flights are usually easier to get on since many people technically don't travel early in the morning. If you find yourself traveling in the afternoon, this is peak traveling time and you may find that the flights are going to busier compared to the mornings.

Try calling the airline's customer service department

Before you make the trip to the airport, check with the airline before hand and see if there are flights available that you can possibly standby for. Most of the times, the airline will be friendly and give you some flights that you can possibly fly standby on. If you do find that airline you call doesn't have a standby flight available, try and call other airlines to see if they have possible solutions.

Stay at the gate

It's important that you stay near the gate when you're on the standby list. If you tend to walk away during the time when the flight is about to be boarded, you may find that the employee tried to call your name. Sometimes, you're not the only one on the list. This is why it's important that you stay nearby so that if your name is called, you can be there to get on the flight as soon as possible.

You may find that most of these tips will help you in your standby success. If you find that the situation is too stressful, always remember that it's best to be patient. When flights generally board, you will find that most employees are pretty stressful during this time. Always remember to treat others as you want to be treated. Trust me, the employees will keep note of this and will treat you a little nicer than the other customer is furious with the staff. If you keep your head on your shoulders and have a lot of patience, flying standby should be a piece of pie.

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Category:  Vacations

Related Links:  | Vacations | | Family Fun |

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