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Category:  Health
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8 Flu Prevention Tips

By Janice Tham

Got an important presentation coming up?

Don't want to miss an important date because of flu which everyone around you seems to have?

What can you do to beat the flu bug?

Antibiotics aren't going to work on influenza as that is caused by a virus. Antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses.

So what can you do to beat flu?

You best bet is to boost your immune system. In other words, take care of your health.

What do you eat? Do you get enough rest.

1. Sleep early every night.

I can't overemphasize the importance of sleep. Notice how lousy you feel if you go without sleep. It is when you sleep that your body repairs itself. That's when your body produces the white blood cells and everything else it needs to fend off invaders. That way, when confronted with the flu viruses, your body is in a better shape to defend itself.

2. Get your annual flu jab.

The young children and the elderly are most susceptible to flu, so you might want to get the young ones and the elderly immunized. There are flu jabs available which must be taken every year if you want to keep the virus at bay. The flu virus mutates rapidly, so what works this year wouldn't bother next year's bug. The jabs won't necessarily prevent flu, but at least if you do contract flu, if you have been immunized against it with a vaccine that is effective against that particular flu strain, that bout of flu would be less severe.

3. Stay away from crowds

Especially when the flu bug is in the air. The flu virus is extremely contagious. One sniff and lots of viruses are scattered in the air, waiting for the next victim. Maybe your body would fight it off and you wouldn't succumb to the infection, but if you can minimize exposure to the bug better still. Avoid crowded places as far as possible.

4. Wash your hands before you eat.

Wash them thoroughly too with soap, for at least a minute, rubbing the soap all over the hands thoroughly, then rinsing it off. Have you any idea how many viruses your hands inevitably pick up as you go through the day. Opening the door, resting on a table.. things you barely notice you come into contact with everyday. Wash your hands before you eat so you don't put more germs than necessary into your mouth.

5. Keep your hands off your face.

Throughout the day, avoid touching your nose and mouth with your hands as far as possible as that's the surest way to get the germs from you hands where they can easily invade your body.

6. Exercise

Keep fit. Get active. A healthy body is less likely to fall sick so go for a walk, or a jog every single day. Ride a bike. Walk in the park. The exercise and fresh air will be good for you.

7. Carry an umbrella or raincoat with you.

Prevention is better than cure. Some people are more likely to succumb to flu if they get soaked in the rain and stay wet for a long period of time. Are you one of them? If you get soaked, as soon as possible, take a hot shower or warm bath after that to warm up. If it rains, use the umbrella or wear a raincoat.

8. Take your vitamins.

Do you have a balanced diet? Are you getting all the nutrients you need in your food. Even if you eat plenty of veggies, would you have all the nutrients? Is the soil in which the veggies were grown depleted of the necessary nutrients? Vitamin supplements would help you ensure you get the necessary vitamins and minerals your diet might lack. Even then, that's no excuse for eating junk. Take your vitamins. Eat fresh food, fresh fruits and vegetables and cut down oily, sugary snacks.

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Category:  Health

Related Links | Healthy Living | Stress | Emotional Well-being | Cutting Medical Costs |

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