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Category: Appliances and Electronics

4 Simple Tips To Fix A Scratched Cd Or Dvd

By Shalini Agarwal

In this article I will be showing you four little known tips to fix scratched CD or DVD and recover the data.

Every user has had trouble with a scratched CD or DVD. The theory goes like this - A CD/DVD reader or player uses a laser beam to read the data on the disk. This laser beam crosses the protective plastic layer and reads the real recording metal layer. If the protective plastic layer is scratched, the laser will be unable to pass resulting in non-readable disc. In the case of data CDs the CD/DVD reader is unable to read the CD/DVD properly resulting in reading errors,  while in case of audio/video discs, the CD player skips when we play it.

If somehow we manage to re-smooth this protective layer then the laser will reach the data and read it.  There are many ways we can achieve this using common household items as discussed below:

1). Toothpaste - Yups! Toothpaste is our very first scratched CD/DVD fixer.  You can use any non-gel based toothpaste for this.  Just put a very small amount of it on the scratched area and polish it gently using a cotton swab.  Sometimes the paste may cause new minor scratches but they are just superficial. Now just wash the cd using water.

2). If the above trick does not work try some metal polish like Brasso.  Gently wipe with a soft cotton ball followed by application of Vaseline.

3). Baking Soda - make a small quantity of baking soda paste and apply using a soft cotton cloth.  Gently buff the bad scratch. Clean off the baking soda before using the disc.

4). You can also try using some oil as a polishing agent.  This also may work.

There are many daily use products that can be used to get the cd working. Just keep on experimenting.  Please note that you must take special care while using the above tips.

About the Author: Shalini Agarwal is a regular content supplier for various blog's.  This articles was written for technology news blog - The one stop portal for all the latest, freshest and most interesting stuff on internet.


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