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Category: Preparing for Emergencies

Fire Prevention in the Home


By Nikki Willhite

We all think it will never happen to us. It is always someone elseís tragedy portrayed on the evening news. Wrong! It can happen. There is a risk. We MUST take the necessary precautions.

I almost died. When I was 16, my parents had a party. Someone dropped a cigarette into the cushions of our sofa. I woke up in the middle of the night with the smoke in the house so thick, you couldnít see anything. My parents would never have woken up. They had been drinking, and I barely was able to shake them awake.

While my own family does not smoke, which decreases the risk of a fire, there are other things that cause fires. Sometimes it is from faulty electrical wiring. It could also be from hazardous chemicals placed to close to heating elements. These are not unusual things. Latex paint is highly flammable. Most of our garages are filled with hazardous materials. They should be stored in a shed away from the house.

Nothing flammable should be placed within 3 feet of our furnaces or water heaters. Junk should not be piled up in our basements, where if it caught on fire, it would quickly create toxic smoke that could rise and kill us while we are sleeping.

Buy some fire alarms. Put them in each bedroom, the hallway to the bedrooms, in the kitchen, and on each floor of your home. Make this a priority in your budget. It just isnít worth the risk not to have them.

If you have bedrooms on the 2nd story of your home, be sure and get some chain ladders, and have your family practice escaping from your home. Have a designated place outside where everyone can meet, and heads can be counted. Make sure none of your windows are painted shut and canít be opened.

Above All- Get OUT of the house, and take your family with you!


If there is a lot of smoke, your children could die from the smoke while you are calling the fire department.


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Category: Preparing for Emergencies

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