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Feng Shui on a Budget

By Alyssa Davis

Feng Shui is a style of decorating that is based on ancient Asian principles of positioning objects within your space to enhance the flow of energy, or Chi. Chi ensures personal growth, harmony in relationships, financial happiness, and more. And the good thing about Feng Shui is that you don't have to invest a lot of money in order to make your home, office or other space, more conducive to the flow of energy. The tips that follow will help you to add Feng Shui concepts to your space with minimal cash layout.


The entryway to the home is important in Feng Shui, not only because it is the first thing that guests to the home see, but also because it allows energy to enter into your space. For this reason, do not store anything behind your front door of the entrance to the home, as this can prevent you from being open in your own life to the opportunities that might pass your way. Keep clutter under control in the foyer as clutter can inhibit the flow of energy throughout the rest of the home.

Living Room

In the living room, you want to promote harmony among those who live in the home. Although the TV is a big part of the living room in most homes, arranging your furniture so that conversation is easier is a good way to take the emphasis from the television and focus it more on the family. Add some living plants to the living room to symbolize growth and renewal in your own life. Bring in red accents to invite wealth into your home.


Always keep your knives in a drawer, not in a wooden block or other type of holder, since the knife is symbolic of combat, and can bring strife into your kitchen. Keep your kitchen free from clutter, especially on the countertops so that your creative energy can flow into the dishes that you prepare. Make sure the burners on your kitchen stove are clean and in good working shape to allow the fires of prosperity to burn within the home.


Nurture equality within your relationship by positioning identical lamps at either side of your bed. Promote fidelity within your relationship by removing all mirrors from the bedroom. The same goes for photographs within the bedroom space of anyone other than you and your partner. Avoid storing anything under the bed, as this can cause your relationship to grow stagnate due to the way that it inhibits the flow of energy around you and your partner as you sleep. Position the bed so that it is facing the bedroom door so that energy can move directly from the door to the bed upon entering the room.


Counteract the downward flow of chi through the toilet by placing a plant on the back of your toilet's tank. (This can be a real or silk plant). For bathrooms that are positioned near the front entrance to the home, keep the door shut at all times so that energy doesn't flow through the front door and down the drain in the sink or tub.

These budget-friendly tips will help you to add the energy-enhancing principles of Feng Shui to your space without spending a lot of cash.

Author, Alyssa Davis, is's number one design specialist on decorating with black metal wall decorations and metal wall coat racks.

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