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Fashionable and Frugal in Ten Easy Steps (humor)

By Paula Martinez

 This is easy and fun. The one thing to remember is you do not want to follow trends. Set your own fashion style and make it comfortable. It is a total waste to be in outfits that are uncomfortably priced. Start out with the notion that to spend money on high fashion designer duds is a waste of your innate ability to express your money saving ability.

 Clothes started out as a way to protect the human body from the elements. So fashion is in direct response to the seasons. It is not about matching colors or patterns, and do not let anyone tell you differently.

 1. To be fashionable and frugal means that you do not look at the size, color, pattern or material before you look at the price tag. If it meets and exceeds your expectation of being the lowest priced garment you have seen by all means squeeze into the sucker. Comfort with the price tag is the first rule.

 2. If it is last years clothes style thatís fine. Remember you do not own it, so it is new to you. 

 3. If you found in it the juniors and it fits who says you are too mature to have your midriff showing.

 4. Do not take your better judgment with you it can dampen your style. Your style is bargain hunting.

 5. Remember when it says $3.00 or less it is a one time offer. If you do not grab it then and there, someone else will.

 6. The rule of thumb is if you pay full price you will not be satisfied with it after you get home anyway. Then why not pay a bargain price, which will ensure you will keep it knowing you will never see it at that price again.

 7. Do not ask anyone how you look in the new item just wear it and let everyone get use to you in it.

 8. You know the saying if the shoe fits wear it, well your motto is if the price fits buy it.

 9. Last seasons high priced garments are this seasons fair priced clothes. You are a smart savvy shopper who knows that everything that goes up comes down when the demand for it subsides.

 10. One of the most important things is to remember that anyone that laughs at your attired paid too much for their outfits. You get the last laugh with the receipt to prove it.

Paula Martinez is a contributing editor to Clermont Rocks which is a marketing resource for small business in Clermont , Florida .  You can find it at  You can also read more articles about business in Florida at

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Category:  Clothing and Accessories

Related Links: | Clothing and Accessories | Beauty |

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