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Fancy Cut Blocks


Fancy cut blocks are quilt blocks made from fabric using a specific part of the fabric. 

You may have a piece of fabric with pictures of trains, trucks and cars.  You may want to make a block with only the trains.  To fancy cut the fabric, you cut out only the part of the fabric with the pictures of the trains.

In the above picture, you may want to cut out the boots or the hats on the fabric.

Fabrics that have been fancy cut look like Swiss Cheese.  It uses up more fabric, but the design is what is important.

Quilters who make art quilts almost always use selected parts of their fabric to make their  quilts.

You can buy plastic templates that help you to mark and cut your piece of fabric, or you can eyeball it and do it with scissors or your rotary tools.

Fancy cutting fabric adds more creativity and individuality to a quilt.

Below are some ideas for blocks fancy cutting your fabric. 



                     Diagonal Squares           Mickey Mouse


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