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Fancy Cut Mickey Mouse

There were several challenges making this Quilt Block, but the results were worth the effort.

The first challenge was to cute out Mickey on the Diagonal.  If you are planning on doing Squares in Squares, the print will rotate when you put on the outer Triangles.

When cutting the center Square, another challenge was to keep the checks or the plaid print even.  Some people don't worry about cutting plaids on the line, some do. 

If your quilt is very homespun or whimsical, it may not matter to you.

The first border was made by adding Rectangles to the inner fancy cut square. Add opposite sides first. In the Block above the Blue was added first.  This makes the yellow rectangle longer than the blue.

The last part of the block is the calculate the size of the squares to cut to make the triangles for the outside of the block.  These calculations are found on the Squares in Squares Block page.

Have fun with this block.   If you find it is a lot of work, try using just a few of them in your large projects.  You can always just make four of them and put them in the corners of your border.  This is also a great way to give punch to smaller projects like table runners or placemats.

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