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Fancy Cut Diagonal Squares

At first glance, it may be hard to see how this block is Fancy Cut.  This is the same basic block as the Diagonal Squares Block, part of the the Fun with Squares Quilt Block Showcase.

The only difference is that the large blocks were fancy cut from a piece of fabric.

Here is a picture of the fabric used.  This is not a good fabric for piecing.  It is better suited for either a border, backing, or fancy cutting.

In the case of the above block, two squares were cut out of the fabric, and then two 4_Patches were made in coordinating colors  to match the size of the squares.

The units were then sewn together to make the block.

I did not purchase this particular fabric, but I made up this block because it provides a good illustration of what you can do with a similar overall design and this particular block.

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