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Category:  Parenting

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Top 10 Ways To Reconnect With Your Family

By Aurelia Williams

You hear the complaints everyday from a multitude of different people. Coworkers, neighbors and internet forum members bemoan the fact that their lives are so busy they never have any family time together. They often do not see their spouses until they crawl into bed because each one is taking a different child to a different after-school activity.

With this much running around, it is very easy to forget about “family time”. After all, the kids have homework to complete and parents have put such a premium on excelling at sports or dance or other extracurricular activities that they do not dare miss one practice for the sake of the family.

Rather than falling into the trap of the “busy family who does not talk to each other,” simply take 30 minutes a day to reconnect with your family members. Here are some simple ideas you can use to form a family bond:

1. Turn off the television. Focus your full attention on your spouse or child. Having someone’s undivided attention will boost your self-esteem no matter what your age.

2. Take a walk down memory lane. Laughing at the old-style fashions in the photo albums is a fabulous way to relive funny moments or to honor a beloved relative who has passed away.

3. Worship together. Daily prayer brings joy to the soul, helps us become more compassionate toward others and helps us to understand that life is precious.

4. Prepare meals together. Teach your kids that “the kitchen is the heart of the home.” Let your older children plan the dinner menu once a week and assign each family member a job so everyone has a chance to help.

5. Eat dinner together. Sit together at the table with no other distractions and learn about everyone’s day. Approach these discussions with openness and you will likely learn about the important events in your child’s life.

6. Plan an adventure. Head off for parts unknown with a map, a picnic lunch and a full tank of gas. Laugh when you make a wrong turn and hand off the map to see if another sibling can find their way home.

7. Go on dates. Parents should plan regular “dates” with each child individually. Sharing one-on-one time with each child makes him or her feel like they don’t have to compete with a sibling in order to be heard.

8. Enjoy the great outdoors. Taking the dog for a walk or riding your bikes around the park will give your family extra time to talk as well as keep the family healthy. To keep the activities new and fresh, let each family member choose an activity.

9. Exercise together. Working toward a common health goal as a team is easier than tackling a large goal all by yourself. Many gyms offer family memberships and you can share your experiences and your successes along your way to good health.

10. Plan a family fun night at home. Entertainment and quality family fun does not have to cost anything. Pull out some dusty board games, teach the kids a new card game or have dinner and a movie.

As the old saying goes, take some time to smell the roses and put your family first. No activity should be placed above spending time with the family. What a shame it would be to raise a child to adulthood and yet not truly know that person.

About the Author: Are you a mom looking or a little support? Aurelia Williams is a certified life coach and owner of Real Life Guidance. Visit the site today and get the support and guidance that you need.


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Category:  Parenting

Related Links:  | Children:Activities and FunChallenges | School | Parenting | Stories | Babies |

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