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5 Important Tips To Taking Great Family Photos

By Alex Daniels

Every day is a good day to capture those special moments with the ones you love on film, so itís a good idea to be prepared for that perfect photo opportunity whenever it presents itself. To help make sure you are ready in a Ďflash,í below are five important tips to taking great family photos.

Center your subject. If at all possible, try to snap your photo when everyone is as close to the center as possible. This not only provides for a more visually pleasing image, but it also prevents you from accidentally cutting anyone out of the photo by having them too close to the edge of the picture.

Get a closer look. Many of the best photos are those that get close to the detail and make the image seem to come to life. You can create this type of feeling by getting as close to the subject as possible. For reasons of safety and location, however, this isnít always possible. Therefore, using your cameraís zoom feature will help bring the subject to you.

Reduce the red eye. Although unfortunate, many people avoid the camera because their eyes always turn red in photos. If you are taking a family photo, look for your cameraís red eye reduction feature and reassure everyone that their eyes will not outshine their presence.

Going digital. If you are using a digital camera, which gives you the opportunity to instantly review your photos as you take them, pay close attention to the resolution. If you are planning to have the images printed on photo paper, make sure that you set the resolution to the highest possible in order to create the most realistic photos with the best color.

Get creative. If possible, try various angles when snapping your photos. Positioning yourself above or below the subject will create a more dramatic feel to the pictures as you pan the camera either up or down to capture the perfect photo. You can also snag some great snapshots by catching your subjects off-guard. Often, the most realistic images are those that are unexpected. When your subjects arenít expecting the camera, you will be able to capture those true life moments that arenít rehearsed.

Now that you know how to capture those cherished moments on film, itís time to get out there and start snapping pictures. If you enjoy the task and those around you are having fun, your family photos will be picture perfect.

About the Author: Alex works from home and is a huge fan of the Ghost Hunters reality show and Star Wars. Alex was married last year and writes about wedding planning when there's time.


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Category:  Hobbies

Related Links | Hobbies | Scrapbooking Frugal Quilting and Lessons |

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