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Family Room Decorating: Budget Ideas with Style

By Veronica Smith

A family room is a place for watching television, playing games, relaxing, and visiting with loved ones and friends. It should be a place where family and guests want to spend time, but if the space is not comfortable and inviting it will not be an area of the home where people will want to gather. Decorating the family room in a number of easy ways can make it more welcoming, and it does not have to cost a small fortune to give the room a completely new look. Those sticking to a budget can use the following tips for decorating a family room with style, and this can be accomplished for far less than many people realize.

Budget Themed Decorating Items

Themed items used especially for decorating can be quite expensive, but specialty items are not necessary. When decorating a family room on a budget, choose a particular theme or style, and look for items to match the theme at flea markets, garage sales, and warehouse stores with very little overhead and lower prices. For example, when decorating a family room with a fishing theme, instead of shopping for fishing related decor in a furniture or home design store, visit your local sporting goods store. Think outside of the box, and look for budget ways of decorating that will be far more unique and impressive.

Go Bare

Window treatments can be quite expensive, but they are not always necessary when decorating a family room. If windows do not face the street, consider going bare. Plant a flowering bush just outside the family room window for natural privacy, or simply enjoy the view. Alternately, choose budget vinyl blinds or roll-up shades, and top them with a budget valance. Elaborate window treatments are not necessary for decorating a family room with style.

Choose Paint Instead of Wallpaper

Paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to completely change the appearance of a space. Since a family room is used for relaxing and having fun, choose a neutral color that can be accessorized with warm and invigorating colors or cool and relaxing colors. Accessories such as budget pillows, throws, and rugs can be easily exchanged to control the mood of the space. Paint is definitely the way to go when decorating on a budget because it is less expensive than other types of wall coverings. Best of all, it can make a huge difference in the overall look of the family room.

Change Light Shades Instead of Fixtures

Outdated light fixtures in a family room can be easily and inexpensively updated instead of replaced. Remove old glass fixtures, and replace them with something colorful that will coordinate well with the room. Most glass globes that come with light fixtures are lacking in color and style. Replacing old globes with more colorful varieties can give the fixtures an entirely new and stylish look when decorating on a budget.

If the family room does not have ceiling fixtures, replace old lampshades with budget varieties that are new and completely different. Lampshades can be quite reasonable compared to the cost of new lamps, and changing them can be a way to give an old family room lamp a totally different and updated look while sticking to a budget.

Update an Old Ceiling Fan

An old ceiling fan in a family room can be stylishly updated with new globes and decorative pulls. In addition, the blades can be painted to match an accent color in the family room. Remove the blades, and thoroughly brush away any dust. Paint the blades with latex gloss or enamel, and allow them to dry completely before reinstalling. Choose new globes that add more color to the family room, and replace the pulls with something interesting to match the theme. For example, use interesting lures without the hooks, or colorful bobbers as ceiling fan pulls in a family room with a fishing theme. Whatever the theme of the family room, think of decorating with budget fan pulls that can be used instead of expensive store-bought varieties.

Floor Pillows Instead of New Furnishings

A family room that is lacking furniture can be furnished with a few store-bought or handmade floor pillows that will help add color and texture to the family room. Choose soft plush fabrics in eye-catching designs and colors. The floor pillows can tucked away behind a chair in a corner or in a closet when not in use. When guests or family members want a comfortable place to lounge, bring out the floor pillows. They are ideal for decorating a family room to give it a comfortable and inviting feel, and best of all, they are a budget way to add more seating when existing furniture is not enough.

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