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Inexpensive Fall Decorating Tips Children Will Love

By Alyssa Davis

Decorating your home and yard for fall doesn't have to be an expensive process. In fact, many of the best fall decorating ideas can be quite inexpensive, or sometimes even completely free. If you have young children, why not enlist their help to create some fun, cute and affordable decorations this year? Here are a few quick and easy fall decorating craft ideas to help get you started.

Straw Bale Yard Decorations

There's just something about a bale or two of straw to really add a touch of autumn to your yard. Bales of straw are often a bargain at garden centers or animal supply stores. As an added bonus, you can use the straw for animal bedding, mulch or to stuff next year's garden scarecrows when you're through using the bales as decorations. You can also use the straw around your sensitive rose bushes and perennial plants to help insulate them from the cold winter weather. To create a fun autumn yard decoration, arrange a bale or two of straw in your front yard. Accessorize the straw bales with pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn or other seasonal favorites. As Halloween approaches, let your children draw faces on the pumpkins with black permanent markers.

Decorations from Colorful Autumn Leaves

Colorful leaves are in abundance during autumn, so why not utilize their natural beauty? Children usually love to collect colorful autumn leaves. Once they've accumulated a nice collection, there are a number of different crafts you can make from them.

Colorful dry autumn leaves can be used to make pretty window decorations. Start by making sure the leaves are completely dry. You can remove any excess moisture while also flattening the leaves by placing them between a few sheets of newspaper or paper towels, then going over them with a warm iron. Be sure to protect the surface of your ironing board with a few sheets of paper towels to prevent the transfer of the newspaper ink. Once the leaves are flat and dry, arrange them on a sheet of waxed paper and top with an additional piece of waxed paper. Place a few sheets of newspaper on the ironing board, then the waxed paper and leaves, and finally place a few sheets of newspaper on top. Press gently with a medium warm iron until the two pieces of waxed paper become fused together. Let the waxed paper cool then trim the edges. To make the window decorations even prettier, use scissors designed to cut a scalloped or other decorative edge. Punch holes through the window decoration and insert a yarn, cord or ribbon loop for hanging. Display in a sunny window and enjoy.

You can also create interesting hanging mobiles from autumn leaves. For this craft, it's best to choose colorful leaves that are still slightly supple and flexible. Children can use a blunt craft needle and lengths of fine cord or embroidery floss to string leaves together. To keep the leaves from sliding off the end of the cord, tie on a small bead first. Once your child has created several strings of leaves, tie them to a small twig. Tie a loop onto the branch as a hanger then hang your mobile anywhere inside your home or outdoors.

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