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Category:  Christmas

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Christmas is for the Frugal


By Nikki Willhite

Discovering the true meaning of Christmas

There are many that are going to read this article and say that it is "sour grapes". There are also others to which this may not apply. However, there are things that I want to say to all those who are going to have a frugal Christmas this year. Rejoice! Christmas is for the frugal.

Have you been in the stores this year? Could the decorations be more ornate? Whatever happened to the traditional colors of green and red for Christmas? They have given way to the more ostentatious colors of silver and gold.

The trees are decorated to perfection. Every ornament, bead, and ribbon is part of a carefully planned orchestration of the design. No place on those trees for the ornaments your children make for you in school.  

Christmas has become extravagant beyond belief. It even has its own style now that you have to keep up with. No more colored lights to decorate your house. They are outdated. Now you must buy the trailing, icicle lights.

The decorations in your home are judged by how tall your tree is, the amount of garland and twinkling lights you display, and by how many and how big your animated displays of Santa,his reindeer, carolers, and more.

When did we lose it?

Does anyone remember that Christmas began in a humble stable? Are the expensive gifts and the elaborate decorations reflective of the reason we celebrate Christmas? If you focus on these things, you will have an impressive display both outside and inside your house, probably lots of expensive gifts, and most likely a sizable balance on your charge card. Is this really Christmas?

How many people do you know that celebrate Christmas that are not even Christians, or do not even believe in God? It is nothing but a tradition to them, dictated by the whims of store retailers.

So that is why I say that Christmas is for the frugal. When your eyes are not blinded by the tinsel and lights, it is easier to see the true meaning of Christmas. Your Christmas tree is as warm and inviting as you are. There is nothing that your child cannot bring home from school that will not be welcomed by your tree and cherished by you for sentimental reasons for years to come.

Your presents usually require sacrifice, and are given with more love than money. You probably use this holiday to teach giving and thinking of others. You take the time to enjoy each other's company and share time together. You spend more time baking than shopping, and your home is filled with delicious food and wonderful smells. These are the memories that will last a lifetime.

So, don't be envious of those who are covered and clouded in the materialism of Christmas. Remember the true meaning of Christmas, and you will know who is really rich.


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Category:  Christmas

Related Links:  | HolidaysHalloweenChristmasGifts |

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