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10 Free Gift Ideas For A Birthday

By Catherine Franz

All of us know that the greatest gifts in life don't cost money. They do take time to think and create. Whether you are looking for ideas for a 21st birthday, 16th, 3rd, or65th, these ideas will help you create some memorable moments and affect lives. Substitute the X for the birthday number. You can even be creative and use these same ideas for expectant mothers.

1. A list of X things you most appreciate about him or her.

2. A gift certificate for X things to do together that doesn't cost money. Give this some forethought and match with what you love to do and what they love to do. You can create the gift certificates on the computer or buy preprinted ones at an office supply store.

3. Ask each member of your family and friends to think about something they hold most dear and cherish most about living. Ask them to create X number on a list and send it to this person for their birthday. You can give them an album to place all of them.

4. Gift certificate for X favors and privileges that he or she may exchange for services later. Such as cooking a special meal, teaching them to cook a family recipe, cleaning out the garage or car, a picnic in the Spring, or afoot massage. The more creative, the better the gift.

5. A list of the X things you wish someone had told you when you were that age. They can be the simplest of things like not to change a flat while close to the road, don't pour bleach directly on clothes, or don't lick a frozen pole. Go ahead, I know you can do better than this.

6. Write a brief memorable, even funny story for each one of their years. For expectant fathers or mothers memories, record the funny moments of pregnancy.

7. Create a special album with one picture from each of their birthdays.

8. Write about your hopes and dreams for them as you see them on this particular birthday. This is especially well for young children. Accumulate them over the years and record how they change as you both get older. If they are too young now, save them for later.

9. Share your wisdom of what to do when life serves lemons besides making lemonade. For their 18th birthday it can be about the 18 best coping skills you ever learned.

10. Start a family journal dedicated to them. Pass the journal around before the birthday or on their birthday and allow each family member to write an inspirational message or a memorable moment. Use the same journal year after year to build on these.

If the family member is away at war and can't be home for their birthday, create a journal with some of these items, make a copy, and mail it to them. Tell him or her that the original will be waiting for them when they return. If your son/daughter is away for any reason, you can use any of these ten things to make creative, memorable birthdays. These would work whether you are on a tight budget or the richest person in the world. Honestly, when you learn to give from the heart you are the richest person in the world anyway.

Catherine Franz is a writer and author of over 1800published articles and several books on various business subjects. Newsletters available at:


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