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Extreme Guest Bathroom Makeover for Under $50

By Alyssa Davis

The guest bathroom may not be the first room you think about redecorating, but it is a room that makes a big impression on your guests. Whether you are redecorating for fun or out of necessity, you can complete an extreme makeover for less than $50. Use these tips and tricks to help you get started.


The first thing you will need to do is give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint. Depending on the look you want, it can be anything from a bold and bright red to a soft and romantic pink. Search for paint at your local home improvement store that has been returned or is on the bargain shelf. Sometimes people will request a paint color to be mixed only to decide afterwards that they do not like the color. You can get paint at a significantly reduced price when that happens. While the paint may be inexpensive, invest in a good quality paintbrush and roller to make the job go smoother. Also, be sure to prime the walls with mildew resistant primer before you paint. You want the remodel to last as long as possible, so preventing mold and mildew buildup is essential.

Wall Art

Are your children budding Picassos? If so, have them color, paint or draw something for your guest bathroom walls. Frame the pictures in dollar store frames and hang them around the room. If you would rather go for a more natural look, press some leaves between heavy books until they are completely flat and then hang them in glass frames from a length of sturdy ribbon. Thrift store, yard sale and clearance sections of decorating stores are also great places to pick up inexpensive wall art. Think outside of the box and try to see everything as a potential piece of wall art. That straw hat in the thrift store might be perfect for your beach theme guest bathroom, for example.


With the walls painted and the wall art hung, it is time to think about accessories. Depending on the size of your guest bathroom, you may not need a lot to finish the look. Instead of spending a lot of money on a porcelain soap dispenser, opt for one of the designer style soap dispensers that are commonly found in grocery stores. These come pre-filled with your favorite hand soap and can be refilled once they have been used. Shop for linens, such as towels and bathmats, at discount department stores. Oftentimes, you can find great sales at the end of each season. Shower curtains are another investment that can be quite costly. If you need a new curtain, consider sewing one yourself from inexpensive fabric. Be sure to compare the costs, because sometimes it can be more costly to sew your own.

It is important to stay on or under budget when redecorating even the smallest of rooms. Although your funds may be limited, the look and style in the guest bathroom does not have to be. Be bold and create a look that is sure to leave guests smiling every time they enter the room.

Author, Alyssa Davis, is's number one design specialist on decorating with welcome signs metal wall art and metal wall coat racks.

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