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Extending the Life of Your Hardwood Floors

By Alyssa Davis

Hardwood floors can be oh-so beautiful, and they really drive up the value of your home.  If you have hardwood floors already, then you know that they can be quite expensive to install.  But once you have hardwood floors, they can last forever, literally, with proper care.   The following tips and tricks from floor care experts will help you to properly care for your hardwood floors so that you don’t have to be out the expense of replacing them in your lifetime.

Keep the Floor Clean

Although this is more common sense than anything else, it is important that you keep your hardwood floors clean.  Keep dust, dirt, and moisture off the floor.  Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly.  Mud, dirt, and small stones that are tracked in can damage the floor and cause it to look dull in a short period of time.  Immediately clean up any spills to the floor, and use a soft cloth to clean and dry the floor where the spill occurred.  If you allow water to sit on your hardwood floors too long, it can cause the floor to warp.  At least twice a month, mop your floor, but not with a wet mop.  Instead, use a special dry mop and hardwood cleaner.  Check with your flooring store if you are unsure about which to purchase.  Put down a throw rug or mat at each entry door, and in all high-traffic areas or around areas where spills are more apt to occur, like around the refrigerator or sink. 

Protect the Floor from UV Light

Most homeowners don’t realize how harsh UV light can be on hardwood flooring until the floor becomes faded.  Direct sunlight can fade your hardwood flooring or cause it to otherwise change colors.  This is because UV light speeds up oxidation in the finish of the floor.  Sure, wood will change colors as time goes by, but you can slow down this change by rearranging your furniture and rugs from time to time so that one spot in particular is not being hit with sunlight continually.  You can also pull your drapes when the sun is at its most intense each day.  Another option is to install UV window protectant film.  As a bonus, installing this film on your windows not only protects your floors, but will also protect other items that are sensitive to UV light, like artwork and wooden furniture. 

Protect the Floor from Furniture

Moving your furniture around can damage your hardwood floors, but glides applied to the legs of your furniture can help to protect your floors from damage.  You may need to use casters on some furniture.  If so, use gray rubber non-marking caster and avoid those made of hard plastic or metal. 

Refinish the Floor Regularly

Maintaining the beauty of your hardwood floors requires that you refinish the floors from time to time.  Floor care experts recommend refinishing the floor at least every five to ten years.  You can refinish them more often if you like, such as when the floor shows bare or worn spots in its finish, when the floor is scratched in a noticeable way, or when you want to give the floor a new sheen or color.  Refinishing your hardwood floors allows you to get the look of a brand new floor for pennies on the dollar when compared to what a new floor would actually cost. 

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