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Category:  Weight Control

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Exercise Tip

 The Most Overlooked Exercise Tip

By Richard Milazzo

You have within you the ability to succeed and excel in any exercise or sport that you want too. All you need is one exercise tip that you can easily master in a short time. Most exercise tips target physical preparation in order to help you improve. The tip I would like to offer is one that will change not only your athletic motivation, stamina and ability but I would not be surprised if your whole life would benefit and prosper if implemented.

Whether it is swinging a bat, running, swimming or shooting a basketball, repetition of the proper motions with contribute to increased skill. There are many personal trainers, books and tips to implement the correct techniques for any sport. With proper technique and repetition you will improve over time and reach a level you may be happy with. To reach your greatest potential you need something else.

There is one overlooked exercise tip that can effectively stop you from reaching the level of motivation and achievement that you are looking for, both mental and physical. I call this problem a “brain barrier”. Unknowingly we condition our thinking the same way we condition our physical ability. Through repetition we train ourselves to stop at a certain point in our exercise routine or athletic endeavor. By establishing these stopping points we not only limit the training and conditioning, we also take out another important conditioning secret known by top athletes, Variation.

For Example:

An athlete will warm up the same way every time before a workout
A swimmer will swim a certain amount of laps with the same combination of stroke types
A walker or jogger will stop when they have reached a certain distance or a certain time
When lifting weights, most people follow a set routine
A walker will follow the same course every time

So, what is the exercise tip?

Break your “Brain Barriers” by
altering Your Exercise Routine Often

Change your walking or running course
Regularly change your weight lifting routine
Run or walk without knowing the distance
Run or walk without a watch
Hit a bucket of balls, before and after a round of golf

Alter your warm up or practice routine regularly
Keep your goals coming from different directions
Get creative, keep new ideas and techniques a primary focus

Variation in any fitness routine will help you to not only develop different muscles, increase endurance or greater skill; it will develop variation in your mental routine. You won’t be limited by the false barriers that kill your motivation to exercise and improve by achievement.

You get the idea...By changing your routine, you will open new opportunities to go farther, build strength, increase endurance, and to achieve all your fitness goals.

You will see a great improvement in your energy and skill. Those mental “brain barriers” will get eliminated one by one. You will become one of the few people who know how to tap into the greater ability that is in you and achieve greater joy and accomplishment in all life has to offer.

About the Author: You can break “brain barriers” in sports, motivation, self esteem, health, confidence and much more. You can literally reprogram yourself for a lifetime of success and achievement with proven Self Improvement Techniques.

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Category:  Weight Control

Related Links | Weight ControlHealthy Living | Stress |
Emotional Well-being
| Cutting Medical Costs |

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