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Category:  Weight Control

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No More Excuses Not To Exercise

By Steven A Johnson

You're too busy, too tired. too intimidated by treadmills and dumbells and guys in muscle tees-yes, you have plenty of reasons not to exercise. But there are even more reasons to exercise. Time and time again, exercise has been proven to boost overall physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Everyone would agree that exercise is a vital component of any long-term weight-control program. Therefore, establishing an exercise routine that works for you is important. As humans, however, we can be very clever in devising reasons and excuses not to exercise.

Most of us make excuses at one time or another for our behavior, and the reasons vary widely. In our busy and often stressful lives, we convince ourselves that there simply isn't time to be physically active. If we examine our days more carefully, however, they are most likely filled with all sorts of "unplanned time robbers." Phone calls, requests for assistance, deadlines, etc. are common time robbers. Before long, the needs of others begin to far outweigh our own needs--our need to be physically active.

I don't have enough time!

First, set a goal that will motivate you, such as fitting into a pair of new or old jeans. Once you establish that objective, the next part-finding the time to work out-will quickly follow. With 1,440 minutes in each day, you should be able to set aside 30 of them to do something good for yourself.

Exercise is boring!

Find something to do that is fun for you. Focus on one activity, others crave variety in their routines. Exercise is overwhelming enough. If you set up unrealistic goals for yourself, you sabotage your efforts for maintaining them.

I can't seem to make it to the gym!

Things come up, and exercise is just not as large a priority as the events that we allow ourselves to be distracted by. People who struggle to fit fitness into their routine change the way they think about exercise. Focus on exercise as a habit you build into your life like taking a shower, or brushing your teeth.

Exercise can be your best ally against weight gain and many diseases associated with overweight. Exercise increases and prolongs calorie burning and increases stamina, fitness, and muscle strength. Physical activity has also been shown to decrease appetite for many individuals and is directly associated with long-term weight control. Remind yourself regularly of the positive benefits you receive from physical activity.

Here are some tips that will help you start and stick with an exercise program:

Choose something you like to do. Make sure it suits you physically, too. For instance, swimming is easier on arthritic joints.

Get a partner. Exercising with someone else can make it more fun.

Vary your routine. You may be less likely to get bored or injured if you change your routine. Walk one day. Bicycle the next. Consider activities like dancing and racket sports, and even chores like chopping wood.

Choose a comfortable time of day. Don't work out too soon after eating or when it's too hot or cold outside. Wait until later in the day if you're too stiff in the morning.

Don't get discouraged. It can take weeks or months before you notice some of the changes from exercise.

Forget "no pain, no gain." While a little soreness is normal after you first start exercising, pain isn't. Stop if you hurt.

Make exercise fun. Read, listen to music or watch TV while riding a stationary bicycle, for example. Find fun things to do, like taking a walk through the zoo. Go dancing. Learn how to play tennis.

The mind can also benefit from exercise. Increases in overall well-being, mood, self-esteem, and the ability to cope with anxiety and stress have been found to be true of regular exercisers. Some people experience improvements in quality-of-life with regular exercise.

About the Author: Steven Johnson is committed to helping people maintain healthy and effective lifestyles. For more information on any other health supplements please visit his website Alternative Health Supplements.

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Category:  Weight Control

Related Links | Weight ControlHealthy Living | Stress |
Emotional Well-being
| Cutting Medical Costs |

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