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Category: Appliances and Electronics

Protecting Your Electronics

By Nikki Willhite

How many pieces of advice do we get that we ignore? If you are like me, it is far too many! This is one of those articles that is an illustration of why you should heed advice, taken from personal experience.

We are told that we should get surge protectors for our computers, televisions and other electronics. I think we all do it for our computers, if for no other reason, that we need the extra sockets to plug in printers, scanners, etc.

We are also told to protect our televisions. Unfortunately, most of us do not feel as compelled to do that.

Last Christmas one of my sons and his wife bought a brand new television and a VCR for themselves for their gift to each other (they were newlyweds). This Christmas, they have neither.

They awoke one morning a few weeks ago, after a rather stormy night, to find that neither one of them were working. The electric storm "fried" them, and they were ruined.

As of this writing, the television is in the shop- still under warranty for parts but not for labor. The VCR isn't worth fixing. It will cost about $100 to fix what could have been prevented by a $5.00 Surge Protector. Lesson learned!


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