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Category:  Gardening

Electric Lawnmowers Buying Guide

By Mr. Andrew Caxton

There is a lot of choice on the market when it comes to electric lawnmowers. They can help you caring for your lawn without generating as much pollution as their gas-powered counterparts.

Electric Lawnmowers: Quietly Efficient

The past century has seen an evolution of the humble lawnmower. In what follow we will be particularly looking at how electricity powered lawnmowers can be both useful and more advantageous than their gas-powered counterparts, as they are generally less polluting and noisy.

How The Electric Lawnmower Developed

Where manual lawnmowers are a good option for the smaller gardens, mowing a larger area would require considerable time and effort. As most people do have the luxury of time, mowers powered by either electricity were developed.

Indeed, especially in rural areas where homes tend to benefit from much larger gardens there was a need for a tool to allow people a greater chance to enjoy their lawns.

Maintaining a healthy and good looking lawn requires regular trimming. Blades over 3 to 4 inches in length tend to look unkempt and unsightly. Keeping the lawn to a neat looking 2 inch length requires quite a bit of effort, which is where lawnmowers come in.

As electric cabling can prove impractical, lawnmower manufacturers came up with automatic cable winding, then cordless versions. The current trend is for the cordless remote-controlled variety. The next step may involve electricity generated by solar panels, and an on-board computer that will allow you to set it and forget it: once your chosen settings programmed in the mower will trim your lawn at the required height without further intervention from you. With this in mind it is difficult to imagine ever going back to manual or even gas-powered mowers.

Why Chose An Electric Lawnmower

Electricity powered mowers have distinct benefits over their mechanical and gas-powered counterparts:

1. Less polluting: if you consider that a 2-stroke gas-powered mower can generate as much as 2 or 3 times the amount of pollution created by a car it is no surprise that electrical mowers are the preferred option in today’s pollution-conscious society.

2. Less noisy: you may be prevented by homeowners associations to operate noisy gas-powered engines at certain hours due to the amount of noise created. Going electric gives you greater flexibility to tend to your plot when you are available.

3. Electric-powered mowers are easier to adapt to current technological advances such as computerization and remote-controlled operation.

The Future Is Electric

It is no surprise that these benefits are contributing to mains and battery powered electric mowers taking over from gasoline versions which are being phased out for the smaller backyards.

About the Author: Andrew Caxton is the author of many resources on cordless related topics published at . For additional information on electric lawnmowers or lawnmowers subjects have a look at.


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Category:  Gardening

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