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Some eBay Description Writing Tips

By Uchenna Ani-Okoye

Once you have succeeded in drawing your potential buyer in with your title, the next step is for you to them all about the item with a well put together description. But what should you write in your description to keep your potential buyers interest?

At its heart, your item description is an ad. Without making it too obvious, you should be writing sales copy. You're trying to get buyers excited about your products, and that's usually hard - but on eBay, if you have the right thing to sell and give enough details, the buyers almost excite themselves.

Technical Details

Be sure to include all the technical details that you can think of, including the items manufacturer, the products condition, the size, when and where it was developed, its current history and anything else that you feel might be special about it. Don't be too linear, the best descriptions are ones that are written in conventional and friendly language and show a real knowledge and understand of the product. Whatever you decide to write, make sure it's the truth.

Remember that most of the people who'll be buying your item will be just as knowledgeable about it as you are, if not more - this is their hobby, and they're experts. Don't feel like you need to explain the basics of the item: just go into as much technical detail as you can. As a rule, don't write anything in the description if you don't know what it means, as the chances are someone will, and if you've got it slightly wrong then you'll look like you don't know what you're talking about.

Interesting Details

You may find that you actually enjoy writing numerous things about how got the product, why you have decided to sell it and who you think might like it. This isn't a priority, but it gives your auction an additional touch as well as some character and might make your potential buyer more trusting of you. People might be curious to know why you've decided to sell 500 DVDs all in one go and if you take it upon yourself to explain the reason why to them, then they'll feel more assured that you're not into anything illegal. If you're selling them because you're moving house and don't have the space for them in your new accommodation, then tell them that.

Write as Much as You Can

Leave nothing out of your description, even if that seems to you like it makes it cumbersomely long. There is no way you can be too thorough: someone, somewhere will appreciate that you took the time to write the extra information.

Never assume that potential buyers who are interested in additional information will email you to ask questions, many buyers are too shy and thus, won't do it. Think of possible questions that potential buyers might have and add them to your description, as people have a tendency to ask the same questions over and over again.

Each time a buyer does email you with a question; you should both answer their question and update your description so that it will include the answer next time. If people ask questions that are answered in the description, try putting these parts of the auction on a line alone, or in bold, to make them easier to notice.

Uchenna Ani-Okoye is an internet marketing advisor and co founder of


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Category:  Jobs

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