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Improving Your Trustworthiness As An Ebay Seller

By Bruce Moilan

So youíve been selling on eBay for years and suddenly have a misstep fulfilling an order. Or maybe you are just starting out selling as an eBay seller, and you begin to feel as if you are the new guy in the office; whistling Dixie in the corner while everyone else slaps high-fives over the profits from a recent joint venture. In both situations, the ability of potential buyers to trust you as a seller is probably going to be low to impossible.

eBay sellers come a dime a dozen, with new ones popping up each and every day. It is important to set yourself apart from the masses. This is most easily accomplished by establishing a high level of trust in your selling capabilities. Think about it, if you were a buyer and all you see is a name, a small, blue, sad face sitting next to their display name depicting a poor selling record; would you buy from them? You would probably click the back button on your browser before I ended this sentence.

The inclusion of at least one truly representative picture of the sale item is the first step to becoming a trustworthy eBay seller. This is not an option, but an essential for any successful eBay auction Ė especially if you are selling a used item. If you donít believe me, I highly recommend that you take a moment to review a few auctions over on eBay. Which items have the highest bids, the ones with display pictures or without them?

Your pictures should be clear and include multiple views of the item. When taking the pictures, make sure to display the sale item in good lighting; avoiding shadows and flash reflections from your camera. If the item has a side with a scratch or dent, photograph it. It is much better to bring it to the attention of the consumer now than have them figure it out when they receive it in the mail.

Accurately describing the item is just as important. Utilizing eBay as a venue is not the same as walking into the local super warehouse store; there are risks involved for both you and the buyer. As a seller, you should strive to provide the most detailed description as possible; including remarks about the physical condition of the item. Do not become overly wordy, but do make sure to not leave anything out.

It is also important for a seller to be honest and upfront with their shipping and return policies. Donít overcharge for shipping and always provide a clear shipping timeline. If you only ship on Fridays you better let the buyer know before they win the item. Return policies should also be stated with your item description. If an item is new, make the potential buyer aware of any manufacturer warranties that are, or in same cases, are not, available.

It is important to realize that profitable selling on eBay is a journey; one marked by honesty and integrity. Build a strong level of trust in your auctions and you will establish a repertoire of customers that will buy from you over a long period of time.

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Category:  Jobs

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