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Quick and Easy Kitchen Accessories

By Kathy Wilson

The kitchen is the hub of most homes, and I think we would all like to bring a little more charm into this utilitarian space. Here are a few easy ways to add some style to your kitchen while saving some cash.

Paint your walls! For years people believed utilitarian spaces should remain white for cleanliness issues, but we no longer live in the dark ages. (Cleansers work just as well on colored walls!) Use color to add richness and depth to your walls, cabinets, and even your counters and floors. Paint can be used on those surfaces be first prepping with a specialty primer, then sealing with 4-6 coats of Polycrylic or any water based polyurethane product.

Bring in a pretty floral or striped fabric. Nothing screams "freshness" like florals and stripes, and its easy to stitch up a simple curtain, valance, or placemats to add pattern and color to the room.

Decorate with plates. You may already have a collection of pretty plates you'd like to display, or you can visit your local discount store for some great finds. Hang them on the backsplash, group them on tops of cabinets, or use plate hangers and make a wall grouping over a doorway or breakfast area. Pick plates that share your rooms chosen color scheme. Texture, interest, and color, and you might already have them right in your cupboard!

Remove some cabinet doors to break up the space and add interest. You can either paint the inside of the cabinet and use it as a display for pretty service pieces, or you can use an inexpensive tension curtain rod and some of that pretty floral or striped fabric to make a charming cabinet door cover.

Finally, bring in some personality. Set some pretty frames from the dollar shop on the counter with those smiling faces you love, or paint a sign on a weathered piece of wood with an inspirational word. Frame seed packets in dollar shop frames for a lovely spring touch, or use your mothers milk glass pitcher as a utensil holder. Make things in the space you use the most meaningful, memorable, and beautiful to you and yours.

Kathy Wilson is an author, columnist, and editor of several popular home and garden websites. For hundreds of free home and garden ideas, please visit her now at and . Also visit her at http://www.Women-on- for information on how ANY woman can learn to make money on the `Net!  


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
| Room by Room | Seasonal | Decorating Styles | Walls | Windows |

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