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Easy and Inexpensive Exercise Programs Help You Get Fit Fast

By Alyssa Davis

If you've made yourself a promise to get fit, you might think you need to spend money to buy exercise equipment or even join a gym. However, it's not really necessary to spend money in order to get fit and healthy. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy and inexpensive exercise programs that you can devise on your own, using only the equipment and materials that you probably already have around the house. By saving money on exercise equipment and fitness programs, you'll be able to splurge a bit on some new and smaller clothes once you reach your weight goal. Here are two great ways to lose weight inexpensively to help get your started.

Walking is Free

Although people routinely spend money on home treadmills or exercise club memberships so that they can use treadmill equipment, it's important to remember that walking is actually a free activity. It's often ironic and amusing to see people try to find parking spots close to the door of the health club, just so they can go inside and walk on the treadmill. If you want to lose weight without really trying, just find ways to add more walking to your everyday routine. When you shop, park your car at the furthest point of the parking lot. You should always use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Instead of walking laps on the health club track, just walk a few laps for free at your neighborhood shopping mall. Many parks also have free walking paths that can be quite scenic and enjoyable. Most people find that walking in the park or at the shopping mall is much more enjoyable and entertaining than walking on a treadmill, which can get a bit monotonous. Best of all, you'll get more exercise and lose weight without spending a dime.

Get Creative with Weights

Building muscle mass is a great way to help the body burn more calories and lose fat. However, in order to use commercial weight training equipment, you'll either have to join a gym or purchase expensive home equipment. If you want to experience the health and exercise benefits of weight training without the expense, try substituting everyday items around your home for the weights. Many exercise routines call for the use of small handheld weights, often weighing between one and ten pounds. Instead of purchasing a set of these weights, try filling plastic bottles and other containers with water, sand, or gravel. Using a scale, fill the container with the proper amount of material to achieve the desired weight. As an added bonus, as you continue to exercise with the weights and your fitness level improves, you can simply add more material to the container to increase the physical challenge. When making your own weights in this manner, always make sure to affix the lid tightly after filling the container, to avoid accidents. Plastic bottles and jars that have easy to hold handles are often the best choice when making your own exercise weights. Before you know it, you'll be fit, toned and thinner, all without spending any money. regularly features articles by Alyssa Davis on decorating with Southwestern wall decor and wrought iron grilles.

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