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Category:  Holidays

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Easter Traditions

By Nikki Willhite

What is a family?  A family is people of unique personalities, the love they have for each other, and the things they do together.

What sets families apart from each other?  One thing is family traditions- memories laced together with love.

Think back to your childhood. What are your fondest memories? Most likely it is the time you spent together as a family - whether it be vacations or just doing things together at home.

It doesn't take  money to start  family traditions.  It just takes a little planning, the then the discipline to do it each and every year.

By establishing family traditions, you strengthen your family, give it it's own personality, and give your children not only something to remember, but activities and traditions to pass on through the generations.

It is as much fun for  parents to watch their children experience the things they enjoyed as a child as for the children to experience them.

If religion is a big part of your life, there are many things that reflect your faith that you can do together to celebrate Easter.

One the more secular side, there are also many things to do to make Easter a special time.  Here are some ideas.

*Have an Easter Egg Hunt, whether it's with your immediate family or extended family members.  You can also participate in church and community planned Easter festivities. Children always enjoy these and will look forward to them.

*Make or buy your family new outfits for Easter each year.  Girls in particular will know this is coming, and often spend weeks thinking about what color dress they want, or other details of this special outfit.

*Have a craft day before Easter with your family.  There are new crafts each year, and while you may not find it exciting, your children will appreciate the time you spend with them, even if it's only to dye eggs.

*Make special treats that you make only  on Easter.  Nothing is as exciting to a child as a sugar cookie cut in a special shape, with frosting and decorations.  You can buy Easter treats, but it is not the same as making them yourself.

Think about what you feel when you smell pumpkin pie baking in the oven.  It brings back memories. What if all your life you always had a store bought pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving?  The smell would mean nothing to you.

You experience life with all your senses, including smell.  When you let your children help, they also remember the touching. Make as many treats as possible yourself.  Give your children these warm memories.

*Make Easter a sign of spring by bringing in some spring flowers and letting them see their beauty and smell them.  If you don't have tulips growing in your yard, buy some, and display them. Make Easter a time of rebirth on all levels.

*Watch a special movie together as a family, or play a special game.

*Each country has different traditions.  If you do a search on the Internet, using the keywords "Easter Traditions", you will find a lot of them.  In your celebrations you might consider learning about other countries, and the history of Easter.

*Easter is also a good time to take family pictures- especially if you have new clothes.

Plan ahead and start traditions that will be carried down through generations Find that which is most appropriate for your family, and make memories that will last a lifetime. It doesn't take much money- just love, time, and caring.  


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Category:  Holidays

Related Links:  | HolidaysHalloweenChristmasGifts |

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