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New and Exciting?... or Old and Dull?

By Nikki Willhite

How long does the thrill last when you buy something new? One week, one month, a year?

Think about the last time you bought a new can opener. If yours was like mine, the old one was not working well. Perhaps the lids of the cans were not being cut all the way around. You hurt your hands a few times prying off the lids.

So off you went to the store, and you came home with a shiny new can opener, which worked perfectly. You were excited. You felt a certain "buzz". One week later, when you looked at that can opener, did you still have the same "buzz?"

I can look around at all the possessions I have in my living room and remember buying them. For instance, we have a couple Wing chairs that we bought when we moved into our last home. They were our first pieces of period furniture, and I was thrilled to get them. That particular home had an antique fireplace mantel, and they looked great flanking both sides of the fireplace.

Now those chairs are burdensome. They are uncomfortable, and take up the room (in this smaller house) I would like to use for a big overstuffed chair that I could sink into. After 10 years they still look new, as they don't get much use. I'm stuck with them!

I remember buying my sofa. My old one was getting pretty "ratty". I kept wanting to replace it, but held off. Then one evening I was watching the television show "Cops" with my son, who at that time was hoping to become a policeman.

During that show they raided an old house during a drug bust. Lo and behold- there was my sofa - in that home! That was the last straw! Within a week I had replaced that sofa. The "buzz" from that purchase lasted a bit longer; probably a few months.

How many things in your home can you now look at and still feel the "buzz"?

When we buy new things, it is new and exciting.

However, it doesn't take long until exciting becomes old and dull!

This is so important to remember! It can help us avoid the emotional shopping that so many of us fall prey to.

I do so much talking about money in this e-zine, I fear many people think that I am obsessed with it, one way or the other. I'd like to share a few thoughts on money and possessions.

I know that material things do not bring happiness. They bring comfort and convenience, but nothing of lasting worth.

On the other hand, a hug and kiss from my 28 year old son brings me as warm a feeling as it did 20 years ago. I expect that some day, when I am old and withered (not there yet!), I will feel the same way when they bend to kiss their old mom.

We work hard and save our money so that we may buy the things that our family needs. We want to have the resources to take them to the doctor and dentist when they need it. We want to be able to have fun times with them, and for them to have fun with their friends. Money is needed for food and clothing.

We need money to pay the bills, and security for when we can no longer work.

For some of us, this is a struggle- hence the need to budget our money, and carefully watch our finances. The purpose of this newsletter is to help us find ways to save money on the things that aren't important, so that we will have the money for the things that are important.

If you ever find yourself feeling sorry for yourself because you are lacking a material possession, ask yourself how long would it take for new and exciting to become old and dull!

Do not let lack of material possessions rob you of your happiness. Working and saving for the good of your family is what makes living the frugal lifestyle fun and rewarding!


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Category: | Shopping Help |

Related Links:  | Clothing |

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