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You and Your Drapes

By Nikki Willhite

New Casual Window Treatments are a boon for the frugal decorator

Many years ago, when I was getting my degree in Interior Design, there was a rule of thumb when it came to the cost of draperies. The drapes in your room were suppose to cost 3 times as much as the carpet in the room! How ridiculous that seems today!

Those were the days of elaborate drapes, with sheers, cornices, valances, and very formal pinch pleated draperies which sat stiffly in front of your window, always an exact 1/2 inch from the floor or below the window sill. Nowadays, when people do hang draperies, often they just let them fall on the floor in a ďdecorativeĒ heap!

This is something frugal people can be glad about! Today simple window treatments are in style. Lots of people just use blinds for their windows. If you can find a pair of ready made to fit your window, it is very inexpensive. To soften the window, you can drape some fabric across the top, or use a small valance. Decorators and creative people often use twigs, branches, silk greenery, stenciling, etc. as their valances, and everything from fishing poles to old iron posts as rods.

If no one can see in your house, often you donít even bother with curtains. The view outside frames your window.

One tip- if you are going to drape fabric over a pole, make sure that the fabric is fluid and will drape nicely. Itís like when you make a dress. Certain fabrics go with certain patterns. You donít want fabric that is too stiff. Also, if the fabric is very light, you may have to sew weights into the ends to get it to sit on the rod properly.

So- rejoice! This is a way to save money in a very consumer oriented society. In addition to not having to spend money on our windows, we can now display pieces of furniture in our homes that in prior years we might have been ashamed to have in our garage.


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