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Budget Decorating with Candles and Sconces 

Save Money While Adding Style to Your Home

Those who want to add style and artistic appeal to their home should consider candles and sconces to make any room in need of a makeover look completely different and exceptionally trendy. Many wrought iron pieces and candles of all sizes are very affordable, and they have always been one of most budget-friendly methods of lighting up a room. Consider the following decorating ideas to make your home appear richly and stylishly decorated while sticking to a budget.

Living Room Sconces and Fragrant Candles

Instead of using electricity to power lamps while watching television or relaxing in the living or family room, how about lighting the way with high-quality low-priced sconces and fragrant candles? Sconces are available in all price ranges to meet every style and budget, and they are ideal for those with a specific budget in mind. Unlike wall hangings and paintings, sconces are as useful as they are decorative, and cutting back on electrical use is a great way to trim utility bills. 

Give Your Bedroom a Relaxing Glow

Candles give off more light than many people realize, especially when mounted on a wall in a large grouping. Consider hanging a beautiful wall candle holder embellished with many small and inexpensive candles. Mount it above the bed and you will be able to read by candlelight instead of using costly electricity. Candles are much less expensive than electricity, and they bathe the room in golden light. They add interest and design to a bedroom, and they can help those on a budget save a noticeable amount of money.   

Light up the Bath on a Budget

Bathing by candlelight is a relaxing experience, and the bathroom is the ideal place for decorating with sconces and fragrant candles. Mount sconces on both sides of the bathroom mirror, if space allows, or mount them on an empty wall that can use a little decorating. The sconces will add three-dimensional texture and design to ordinary bathroom walls, and long-burning candles will definitely help cut electrical usage. Bright light is not necessary in the bathroom, and what better way to save money than to cut back on light usage and decorate the bathroom at the same time?

Cooking by Candlelight

Dinners by candlelight are extra special, and they are not just for wining and dining someone special. Cooking by candlelight is a lot of fun, and wall sconces and color-coordinating candles for the kitchen are the perfect solution to ever-increasing electric bills. They are a valuable money-saving tool for those on a budget, and they are not just for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Pillar candles perched on decorative sconces provide just the right amount of light when preparing meals, and along with a low-wattage energy-saving light over the stovetop, they are ideal for the kitchen.

Keep in mind that sconces and candles are perfect for any location that could use a little three-dimensional decorating. When equipped with low-cost long-burning candles, sconces are ideal for those who are decorating on a budget. They add a decorative flair to any theme or style, and they save money when used for more than just decorating an empty wall.      

Jessica Ackerman writes for Wall Decor and Home Accents - an unique wrought iron wall art store specializing in metal wall art, wall candle holders and iron wall decor


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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