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 Country Home Decorating

by Kathy Burns-Millyard

Country homes are famous for their simplicity and practical living ideas. More and more people these days are searching for ways to enjoy a simple and practical living. Many have resorted to returning back to the rural country instead of living in the city. But if relocating is not an option for you, there is the option of redecorating your home to mimic the simplicity of country life.

Decorating your home to fit the old country (rustic) style doesn't take much imagination. When you think of rustic, simple wood planked floors and cozy family rooms may come to mind. The best thing about a country style home is that it allows vast room for personal touches. Decorating in a country style is personal and the rate and degree to which you achieve this country look depends on your personal interests and your free expression.

The country style home showcases everyday items such as water cans, pots, skillets, bread pans and more. The overall color scheme tends to be geared towards earthy colors. Hence bringing out the naturalness of the style of decorating. Country homes express a way of life. Unlike Victorian, Colonial, and Traditional, the country style expresses the owner's way of life or desired way of life.

Most decorations and furniture are handcrafted and painted. These types of furniture give the rooms an extra personal feel. If the furniture is painted, most country homes use milk painting for that uniformed adhered look. Achieving the perfect country theme depends mostly on how much personality you put into the project.

Many people already have ideas of what they want their rooms to look like. So advanced planning is necessary when planning a country redecorating project. Do plenty of research ahead of time and search out country décor suppliers. There are several hundred suppliers online where you could turn for your country décor needs.

Purchase supplies that suit your style and your interests. Make the home reveal who you are as an inner person. The idea of a country home is getting back to the simple life. A time when stress was less and good times were prevalent. The key to a country style is keeping everything simple. But there is a risk of overdoing it when it comes to decorating with simple items. When tempted to add too many decorative items, always remember: Keep it simple.

Kathy Burns-Millyard - Kathy is a professional published writer who covers a variety of popular topics such as health, fitness, decorating, and gardening. Find more home decorating ideas at The Do It Yourself Home Decorating Network


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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