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Decorate a Baby's Room on a Budget

By Jessica Ackerman

Having a child is an expensive endeavor. From birth to the age of 18, it is estimated that parents spend over $200,000 to take care of a child's basic needs. With that enormous expense hanging overhead, it is always welcome to find money saving ideas for decorating a baby's room. When deciding to decorate a baby's room on a budget, it is important to stick to a plan and be creative when shopping.

Children's Consignment Sales

Growing economic woes have led to a dramatic increase in the number of children's consignment sales held around the country. Usually, consignment sales allow parents to sell their used children's clothing and baby gear, accessories and furniture in exchange for a commission. These semi-annual sales are usually held in the spring and fall and are an excellent source for finding high-quality baby's room items for a mere fraction of the cost. Furniture and large pieces usually sell quickly at these sales since they have to be in great condition and free of recalls. If thinking about shopping one of these sales, see if there is a .New Mommy Pre-sale. that allows new or expecting parents to shop before the sale officially opens to the public. That is the best time to find cribs, bassinets, rocking chairs, and changing tables.

Garage and Yard Sales

Almost every Saturday morning from May through September, there are yard sales going on throughout towns and cities across the country. Check local newspaper ads and online garage sale listings to find some in your area. Most garage sales will have children's room decor at a much cheaper price than what it would retail for in the store. Yard sales that will be featuring children's items will usually announce that in their ads, as those types of items are always big draws for shoppers. Be sure to check the safety and recall status of each piece, especially furniture, before purchasing. If the piece is not safe, it does not matter how cheap the price.

Clearance Sales

Most stores that carry baby furniture and decor have annual clearance sales to get rid of the previous year's inventory. If waiting to shop until that time is an option, choose to do so to save a great deal of money. Cribs and matching furniture can be marked down anywhere from 10-70% off. Keep in mind that the selection may be limited, however, so go with an open mind and a strict budget. Carpet stores, home decor stores and fabric shops also have clearances and sales where carpet, infant bedding and material for curtains or quilts can be purchased for a greatly reduced price.

Decorating a baby's room on a budget is a fun way to stretch a dollar and carefully choose each piece that will go into the room. Take the time to do research on popular and durable brands of furniture and equipment. It will make it easier when shopping to find pieces that will not only look good, but that will last for years to come.

Professional designer Jessica Ackerman, writes for, and specializes in decorating with unique wall decorations and fish wall art .

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