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Category:  Health
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How to Deal With Anxiety

By Mark James

Do you find yourself worrying too much? How much anxiety is too much? These are questions, which need to be answered in order for you to get a deeper understanding of stress and anxiety – and thus, deal with them.

Firstly, you need to think about why we worry. Stress and Anxiety do in fact have their place, this is easy to tell when you think about when you’ve been in danger and felt worried – without these feelings we would be lost. They can inspire us to take action against danger. And it’s all kinds of anxiety that can help you. For example, if you are worried about a test coming up then you can realize that you may be unprepared and start revising. Or if you are working to some sort of deadline and you are worried about missing it – you need to be worried about this to do something about it. So they do have their place – without them, we might not take action towards positive moves.

Now the problem with anxiety and stress arises when this anxiety in fact hinders our inspiration. If you are so worried that you don’t want to do anything; immobilized my anxiety; frozen with stress – you are too worried. Before thinking about this, try to realize whether you are worrying about something that is out of your hands. If you are – then stop, because this uncontrollable anxiety will drive you nuts. This kind of stress is harmful to your health and general well being.

Ok so now you know why you might be stressed and whether this kind of stress or anxiety is really having a negative effect of on your body – you can do something about it.

Dealing with anxiety is all about self examination. Think about why you’re worried. Think about what could be causing this anxiety and whether it’s called for. Talking to a friend or relative can help quite a lot , they can see what’s going on from a different perspective and give you some advice. Then think about whether you need to take action against this worry. If you are worried about something hypothetical, like results, think about the worst case scenario and whether this would really be as bad as you think.

Maybe come up with a plan about how to tackle this anxiety, how to take action against what is in your control. Taking some sort of action will re-assure you and help with anxiety that you cannot control. This is the best way to handle anxiety – tackle it head on, after considering possibilities.

After this, you need to sit back, relax, and try taking your mind off it. Focus on something else if it helps you, forgetting things like these can be hard. Do things like regular exercise, prayer, or take up a hobby.

I find having some sort of schedule to things can really help, e.g. Monday Morning go for a run.

So, reflect, take action, and relax. Easier said than done, but it’s worth a try.

About the Author: Find more information at Anxiety Relief about panic disorders and Social Anxiety

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Category:  Health

Related Links | Healthy Living | Stress | Emotional Well-being | Cutting Medical Costs |

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