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How To Lower Your Heating Bills

 Save Costs On Heat

By Dee Cohen

Despite the fact that this winter is warmer than past ones, it is always good to find ways to save a little money on the winter heating bills.

There are many ways to heat one's home and we will cover ways to reduce your heating bills.

1) Seal duct leaks, weather strip and do caulking in the appropriate areas. Seal off your air leaks. Walk around the home and do a nice inspection to give yourself an evaluation. This can actually be a fun family project to get the kids away from video games for half an hour. Fiberglass insulation can really pay off in the long run.

2) Look at your windows and see where the drafts are coming in and places where you can plug the leaks.

3) Are there ways you can conserve? I'm not someone who likes wearing a down vest inside to save a little money but I will lower the heat when going out for several hours at a time.

4) If you have an old water heater, consider replacing it with a newer model that is a higher efficiency.

5) Are there rooms in your home that let the sun in during the day? This can be a nice way to warm up some of the rooms if you open the curtains or mini blinds.

6) Do you qualify for the low income energy assistance program (LIEAP)? Find out if you may be eligible for that program.

7) Depending on your heat source, you can also save by not heating up the bedrooms during the day but instead heating the living room and kitchen higher if that's where your family spends most of their time from 3- 9 pm.

8) You can reduce gas water heating bills a bit by reducing the standby heat loss.

9) How is the insulation in your attic? Remember that warm air rises, and that if you have good insulation it will keep in the heat rather than have it just go out through the top of the home.

10) Have you had a tuneup lately of your furnace? This can be an important way to save on your winter heating bills. Cleaning or replacing furnace filters can make such a difference.

11) Keep in mind that if there are ways you can interfere with the northwesterly winds you can also help your heating bills. See what rooms are on that side of your home.

12) Another way to conserve is to install law flow showerheads as well as to reduce the anount of hot water being used generally. If you work out a gym, consider taking your shower after the workout rather than when you get home. You are paying for your gym membership which includes this.

Implement just a few of these tips and you will be on your way to save money this year on your heating bills which you can use for other things you enjoy to do.

Dee Cohen is a website owner and publisher at .Stop by to learn more about How to Lower Heating Bills plus stay warm and save money.


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Category:  Utilities

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