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Category:  Beauty

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Do You Have Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

By Aakash Shah

You would have seen some people with dark circle under their eyes. Those people will always be with less energy and you will find that these people have pre occupied minds. It is because they will have mental depression as they loose their beauty because of those dark circles. This is a common problem most people are facing and they try many different things to get it solved. But whatever you do you will find it difficult to get rid of dark circles.

Reasons for dark circles

Dark circles appear under the eyes for various reasons. The one common reason is the lack of sleep. People who donít sleep for atleast 7 hours a day will develop dark circles. They will be then advised to sleep well and the dark circles will gradually disappear. For some people dark circles appear because of some allergy. When their allergic season is over their face will turn bright. For others it may be due to insufficient nutrients in their diet. These people should start taking balanced diet to get rid of dark circles.

Avoid the chances of dark circles

One effective way to prevent dark circles from appearing is to drink plenty of water daily. The skin under the eyes is very delicate and any abnormality in the body will show up in this area. You may get dark circles even because of dehydration. This dehydration is not very serious to spoil your health but it may give an alarm by forming dark circles under the eyes. Always carry a bottle of water wherever you go and drink a mouthful of water frequently.

Dark circles may appear due to exposure to sun. If you are a person who has to stay in sun for a long time, then you have to apply protective sun lotion particularly under the eyes to avoid the damage. A sun lotion with SPF 30 will be very good for effective sun blocking.

Treatments for dark circles

Laser surgery is now common to overcome the dark circles under the eyes. With the advancements in the medical field laser surgery is very simple and comfortable for the patient. Always consult a good doctor and ensure that he knows what he is doing. Since the skin under the eyes is delicate, a wrong laser treatment may cause serious damage to the eyes. You may also consult a dermatologist to recover from dark circles.

Chinese medication says that the area under the eyes is related to kidneys and if you have dark circles it may be a symptom of kidney problem. Chinese medicine says that the kidney is the vital organ of the body. To cure dark circles they prescribe food that balances the functioning of kidney. The dark circles will definitely affect the beauty of your face and you will definitely feel dejected with the ill look. When you get dark circles under your eyes, take it seriously and consult a doctor to identify the reason and overcome the problem to regain the beauty of your face.

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Category:  Beauty
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