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Category:  Children: School

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10 Simple Ways to Create Your First Back-to-School Fund

By Darlene Arechederra

As a teenager, I discovered something really cool about my father. 'Pop' had a rule he lived by. And that was to pick one project on which he would focus each weekend.
When the weekend rolled around, Pop knew exactly which project he'd tackle. By deciding ahead, he was mentally prepared -- and had his tools gathered, ready to work. That was his way of 'keeping things caught up,' as he so often  says.
And he really did keep things caught up. That's a lot of projects completed --and doesn't even count what he finished during the week.
So, I got thinking... Why couldn't we take this idea and make it work for us? Like, what day of the week could we each designate as a *save money* day?

If you're looking for a *practical* reason to save, how about building a Back-to-School Fund? It can help you limit or even avoid using a creditcard for back-to-school shopping.
Here are some ideas for finding the cash you'll need instead.
1. Deliberately reduce your grocery bill by ten dollars. Write a check for itand mail it in to your savings account.
2. Designate one day each week as a *spend-no-money* day. Tuck awaya few dollars for every pitcher of tea you make at home and bring to work with you. How about bringing lemon pieces with you for refreshing iced water throughout the day?
3. Bring lunch to work one day this week. Simply cook a bit extra for dinner the night before to take with you.
4. Buy quality greeting cards in bulk for about fifty cents each. If you  can't find nice cards in bulk locally, call Current Inc. at 877-665-4458 for a free catalog.
5. Challenge yourself to eating out only if you can spend less than five dollars (choose what your limit will be.)

And how about these...

6. Ask for cash back when using coupons -- and tuck away your savings.
7. Replace a dry-cleanable or leather item with an item that requires no special care. (Ask your family and friends to avoid gifting you with
dry-cleanable items.)
8. Sell or auction off any items you keep in storage units - then close the units. This adds up to huge savings for you each month you no longer have the expense of storage units. Plus, you'll have money from the sale of the unused items.
9. Replace a name-brand item with a generic, including medication, if
10. Look up one phone number or web address to cancel a magazine, newspaper, or book club if you have no time to keep up with the reading.
Don't forget about mail order auto shipments, like vitamins, which you mayno longer want, too.
Regardless of how you actually save more money, be sure to tuck awayall money you save. That way, the money sponge in your checkbook won't
absorb it.
*Tip* Keep doing what's working for you (even after school starts) -- and you'll
have the makings of your Christmas Fund, already in place.
Now, how much money can you tuck away by the time school starts?
Challenge yourself, and have some fun with it!

Darlene Arechederra is the creator of "Goodbye Boss, Hello Kids! -- A Mom's Guide to Coming Home From The Workplace." Moms who have considered returning home will enjoy her Free Report, "5 Secrets to Coming Home" at


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Category:  Children: School
Related Links:  | Children:Activities and FunChallenges | School | Parenting | Stories | Babies |

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