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How To Decorate With Room Dividers

By Lee Dobbins  

Using a room divider or folding screen can be a great way to create interest in an otherwise dull area. Contrary to what many believe, a room divider need not actually be used to divider a space. You can use a decorative divider flat against a wall or in a corner to add some punch to your décor. Of course, if you have a large space and want to give the illusion of 2 cozier areas, a room divider is perfect for just that!

These days, there are plenty of styles to chose from. Virtually any décor can be enhanced with either a folding screen type room divider with decorative panels or a divider that stands by itself.

  For a contemporary or retro style, you might want to try a one panel standalone divider with acrylic panels. They come in bright modern colors with geometric designs and are just perfect for a divider between living room and dining room in your contemporary home.

For Asian style décor, folding screens are a perfect compliment! If you want one with visual appeal, you can buy screens with Japanese style scenes painted on them or go with the standard black lacquer with mother of pearl Asian women, trees and birds. If you prefer something more plain but with a bit of punch, you can try a bright red lacquer room divider. Not subtle enough for your style? Then make use of one of the many bamboo or rattan style dividers.

Even the feminine shabby chic styles can benefit from a room divider. You can buy dividers with floral designs or beautiful scenes or even buy a fabric covered divider to enhance the softness of the style. If you prefer more of a french style, then there are many folding panel screens that have an openwork metal design perfect for the French look.   Here's some tips on how you can use a room divider to jazz up your décor:

  For larger spaces a room divider can create two cozy rooms from one big space.

  Add a dressing area to your bedroom by sectioning it off with a room divider.

  Add a room divider screen in between a large living room and dining room combo.

  Display your folding screen divider flush against a wall and it won't take up any extra room.

  If you have a large room that needs to be made more cozy, divvy it up with a folding screen divider.

  A room divider that is used kitty corner can double as storage space between the screen and the wall.

  For a tropical or Bahamas type look, try one of the natural wood room dividers.

  The Shoji room divider is great for a Japanese style room.

  Modern style room dividers come in retro prints, leathers and metals.

  For the library, you can get a folding screen that looks like book shelves!

  Leather room dividers add elegance and softness to a room.

  A painted scenic room divider can be like a huge painting in the corner of your room.

  Room dividers come in widths from 50" to over 90".

  Need to hide the kids toys? Put a folding screen divider in the corner and just shove the toys behind it!

  A unique use of a room divider is to use it as a headboard.

  A room divider makes a perfect backdrop for plants.

  Buying room dividers online is a great way to get a huge variety of styles.

When you choose your room divider be sure to get one that matches your overall decorating theme in style and color. The right room divider should blend into the décor, but a mismatched divider will stand out like a sore thumb. Before going out to purchase your divider, measure the area and make sure you get one that will fit properly.


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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