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Category:  Beauty

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How To Choose The Best Curling Iron

By Kristy Klien

Curling irons come in all shapes and sizes, and they all provide different types of curls on different types of hair. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a curling iron, such as the different settings as well as the type of curl it will provide.

The first factor that should be considered when looking to buy the best curling iron is temperature settings, since most quality curling irons come with several different temperature settings. Having different temperature settings on a curling iron is important, since higher temperatures are needed for thick or large amounts of hair, but can damage thin hair. By being able to choose from a number of different temperature settings, one can make sure to use the best setting for their hair type, and be able to curl their hair without damaging it.

The next step is deciding the type of curl you are looking for, since different curling irons will provide a different type of curl. The best way to determine what type of curl the curling iron will provide is by looking at the size of the barrel, since the barrel is the part of the curling iron that the hair is wrapped around. Barrel sizes can vary from a fraction of an inch to several inches, and different sized barrels will provide different sized curls.

Different sized curling irons work better on certain hair types, especially since certain hair types are better at holding curls. Thin or flat hair usually works best with a smaller curling iron, since more hair is able to come in contact with the hot curling iron. It also provides more curls, so even if it falls out a little bit; it is still obvious the hair has been styles. Thicker hair that holds styles easily can benefit from using a larger barrel curling iron, since they can hold the larger curl much easier than those with thinner hair.

Curling irons also come in many different materials, such as ceramic, brush style, or even metal coated. They all work differently for different hair styles, and the material of the curling iron is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best curling iron for your hair type. Ceramic curling irons are the most popular type on the market, and actually work by sealing off the hair cuticle to make the hair appear shiny. They work best on dry or damaged hair since they help to seal in the moisture, unlike other curling irons that can actually leave the hair looking dry.

Brush style curling irons are the easiest the use, since they contain brush bristles all around the curling iron. They are used just like a brush, and work great at flipping out the ends of hair to provide some body. They work best on thin hair or individuals with not a lot of hair, since thick or large amounts of hair can become tangled within the brush.

Metal curling irons with steam work great on hair that doesn’t hold a curl very easy, since they use steam to shape the hair into the desired curl. Although the metal barrel can take away some of the moisture from the hair, it is replaced by the steam to prevent the hair from being damaged. They work best on thin hair, since they make it possible to hold a curl even when the hair is not strong enough to hold it on its own.

There are many factors that need to be considered when shopping for the best curling iron, since different types of curling irons work better on different types of hair. By choosing the best barrel size, a curling iron with different temperature settings, and the best material for your curling iron, finding the best curling iron for your hair type can be fairly easy.

About the Author: Kristy is a professional hair stylist and writer for My Hair Styling Tools, a leading supplier of Ceramic Hair Straighteners, Professional Hair Dryers and Hair Curling Irons. Visit us at:


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Category:  Beauty
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