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Category:  Home Improvement

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Top Tips On Curb Appeal

By Filante

There can’t be anybody left in the western world who doesn’t know the tips of the trade when it comes to interior design. It is almost impossible to ignore the glut of TV shows, magazine features and newspaper articles all telling us how to make the most of our homes.
Who doesn’t know by now that the smell of baking bread, light and airy rooms and neutral colors all help sell a home, but what about the exterior of your property? It’s known as ‘curb appeal’ and if you don’t have it, here’s how you get it.

It’s in the detail

The accoutrements or the bells and whistles on your property can help set it apart from your neighbors. Curb appeal is easy to get with a few simple changes.

•A new front door or even simply painting your front door an attractive, rich color can help add a sense of distinction and class.
•Window boxes or shrubs. A window box can add color and life and implies a well-cared for home. Shrubs can be style statements too, and plants generally turn a house into a home.
•A house name sign can add character, charm and personality to a home.
•Change old, tired outdoor light fittings for a modern stylish or antique reproduction.
•Tidy up any gardens, or if you can afford it, re-design or landscape your front gardens.
•Add a fresh coat of paint to window frames too – it can make a house look fresh and clean. But do make sure the windows are clean too, so everything sparkles.

It’s a common known fact that at interviews, employers are said to make their minds up in the first 30 seconds when you walk through the door. First impressions count for everything, and experts have said that property buyers form their opinion of a house within just 15 seconds.

It isn’t just the details on the front of your home that you need to consider.

Home Front

•Make sure the street is as presentable too and is free of litter or debris. Get the sweeping brush out!
• Clear any weeds, and tidy up in general.
•If you have a big wheelie rubbish bin – try and move it somewhere discreet.
•If you have a rusty old fence, give it a lick of paint. Don’t let a squeaky gate or bit of rust put off your buyer.
•If your driveway is seriously worn-looking, consider resealing it.
•The state of your roof will signify the state of your property in general – ensure any loose or missing tiles are corrected.

Some studies imply that curb appeal can increase the value of your home and certainly help clinch a sale. First impressions last. The fact that our homes are so important to our sense of self and our status in society means emotional bonds can be made as soon as you see the front door. So make sure it’s a good, sturdy, stylish front door!

About the Author: Filante UK has been making house name signs in the United Kingdom since 1993 with many thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world. Find out more about customizing your own house name sign. Visit us now by clicking on house name signs


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Category:  Home Improvement Related Links: 

| Home Improvement | Maintenance: Inside | Maintenance: Outside |

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