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Culturally Rich and Monetarily Affordable

Debra Jacobson

Are you looking for a good way to have a romantically memorable wedding with some unique style and also maintain a relatively affordable wedding budget? Have you ever dreamed of having a wedding with a fun and/or romantic ethnic theme? You may be surprised at how affordable a wedding with a less traditionally Western theme can actually be. As an additional bonus, your guests will be more likely to admire the intriguing display of a cultural wedding rather than pondering how nice your particular traditional white wedding dress looks as compared to the other hundreds or thousands they have possibly seen before.

Here are some culturally romantic and fun wedding ideas that can actually be more affordable than a traditional Western wedding.


Indian weddings are actually a really popular wedding style for some trendsetters who enjoy Eastern culture. You may be surprised by how many popular movies in the past decade have featured some aspect of an Indian wedding. In particular, one popular cultural import to the West that is actually a traditional aspect of Indian weddings, is the practice of Henna tattooing. Henna is a kind of vegetable dye that is used for the painting of elaborate floral patterns on a person being married in Indian culture. The ancient traditional art has become a product now available at department stores in the US, where it is now a truly affordable way to add some delightful decoration to an artistically adventurous bride on a wedding day. Add some traditional Indian clothing for the bride and groom, plus some colorful Indian dresses for the bridesmaids, and you have the basic design of a traditional Indian wedding. Traditional musicians are a wonderful way to really imbue the atmosphere with a culturally Indian sensation. A sitar player and some Indian drummers will likely be available at a really affordable cost in a metropolitan area. Add some incense and some good Indian catering and you should have an Indian wedding extravaganza for a much more affordable cost than a comparative traditional white wedding.


A Japanese wedding may be another good option, should you be looking for something relatively simple and amazingly elegant. While a traditional Japanese wedding can be as costly as a traditional Western wedding, there are some truly unique and pleasantly simple variations on the theme. The Japanese tea ceremony has actually been adapted into a beautifully simple wedding ceremony. Should you reside in a metropolitan area with a Japanese teahouse or a Japanese garden, you can likely enquire there about the rental costs involved for a wedding ceremony. Renting a picturesque Japanese garden or teahouse is one way to ensure that your wedding decorations will be in tune with your wedding theme. They may also have Japanese wedding kimono (clothing) for rent or may be able to recommend a place where appropriate kimono can be purchased or rented. Obviously renting will provide a more affordable wedding plan, although the total cost including kimono purchase would still likely be surprisingly affordable considering the beautiful atmosphere and elegance of the ceremony and attire.

Hopefully these ideas will get you started on your way to a delightfully fun and affordable ceremony.

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