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Create Your Own Budget Wall Art

By Alyssa Davis

Although there are many different styles of wall art that you can purchase, it can often be not only fun but economically advantageous to create some of your own budget wall art. Not only can you design the art yourself, but you can also make simple prints and other inexpensively purchased art really come alive, simply by adding a few accents and touches on your own, such as custom matting and framing.

Frame Your Own Artwork Creations

Of course, if you or somebody in your family is an artist, you can feature your own paintings in your home. This can create some particularly relevant and meaningful decorative accents, since the designs are personal to you and your family. Regardless of your personal style, hand-painted artwork will be a great addition, especially if you get them attractively custom framed.

Needlework and Other Craft Artwork

If you do cross stitch or quilt, you probably have many attractive pieces which would make good budget wall art. Many times people simply store their cross stitch and needlework creations in a drawer or box, but bringing them out and using them to decorate your home is a great idea. Needlework such as cross stitch can be framed and hung, and of course quilts can be used as attractive wall hangings.

Use Nature as Inspiration for Art

Another beautiful choice for creating your own budget wall art is to use objects from nature, such as dried leaves, pressed flowers or sea shells as the basis for pieces of art. You can purchase inexpensive shadow boxes, which will allow you to arrange these types of natural materials attractively, so that you can hang them as wall art. If you have some mementos from a recent vacation, such as from a trip to the beach, this can be a great way of not only decorating your home, but also enjoying your mementos.

Photography as Art

Since almost everybody has a camera, taking your own photos and framing them is another way of including inexpensive pieces of art within your home. The photos can be of whatever is most appealing to you. You can either take some pictures specifically for the purchase of creating wall art, or display photos that have a particular meaning to you, such as family photos or vacation photos. Either way, this can be a very inexpensive and beautiful way of creating some budget wall art.

Display a Collection

Collections can also make wonderful wall art. Too many times these collections are stored in boxes in the closet, when instead they could be on display in your home as art. Some examples of collections that work well as wall art include decorative plates which can be displayed using plate hangers, or spoon or thimble collections, which you can display in specially designed display racks and boxes. Other collections that can be used to create attractive wall art include post card or stamp collections. Using items that are meaningful to you and your family is sometimes the best art work of all.

Creative home decor is what we are all about at and our staff writer, Alyssa Davis, is an expert in designing it with western metal wall art and southwestern wall art.

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