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Fabulous Crafts And Games For Upcoming Princess Parties

By Annette Yen

You have invited the royal guests and have planned a menu that would make any queen proud. The guests will be arriving soon with great expectation of fun and all things pink! You're having a Princess Party!

Here are some easy and fun ideas for games and crafts to make your party the best one in the kingdom.

1. Make a tiara: These days at almost any craft store you can find precut fun foam princess tiaras and decorations for next to nothing. Purchase some glitter glue and a few extra sparkly gems and your princess and her guests will stay busy for quite some time. Make sure they all put their name inside the crown so that after the glue and glitter glue dries, they'll know which is theirs. Don't forget to take a picture with everyone wearing the crowns.

2. Musical Princess Slipper: This is a fun and easy game that takes no prep work at all. Have the party guests and princess of honor stand in a circle. Using a nice dress shoe (or glass slipper if you happen to have one!) start with the birthday girl and have the girls pass the slipper around the circle while music plays in the background. When the music stops, the guest holding the slipper jumps out of the circle and becomes the girl in charge of the music. Continue on until only one girl is left and she's the princess winner.

3. Pin the crown on the frog: Another great variation of a traditional birthday party game that kids have loved for ages. You'll need a large drawing of a frog on poster board and several construction paper crowns with double stick tape on the back. Each party guest gets a turn at being blindfolded and trying to stick the crown onto the top of the frog's head. Make it even harder by making each child spin around 3 times before heading toward the frog. No peeking. Other variations of this game (depending on your artwork) are: Pin the kiss on the frog, Pin the slipper on the princess, Pin the jewel on the crown, etc. Have fun!

4. Princess treasure chests: Purchase inexpensive paper mache boxes at your local craft store. Use stickers, jewels and beads with tacky glue and have the girls decorate their treasure chest. Include some candy or other trinkets to put inside.

5. Decorate princess crown cookie: Another favorite with young girls...decorating cookies. Purchase an inexpensive crown cookie cutter and make 2 cookies per girl (just in case they break). Allow to cool before decorating. Then put out pink frosting, candies and other fun edible items and let the girls frost and decorate. Then let them eat the cookies as part of their snack, or wrap them in plastic wrap to take home as part of the take home gift.

6. Princess silhouettes: This is a fun "craft" for girls that are a bit older. Using a blank wall as backdrop, tape a large piece of butcher paper to the wall. Have each princess sit on the throne and shine a very bright light so that it casts a shadow onto the wall and paper. But here's the fun part. Place a paper crown on her head so that it casts the obvious shadow as well. Then with a black marker, trace around her silhouette onto the butcher paper. Remove the butcher paper from the wall and either leave as is or have the girls decorate the crown for a different effect.

Create fun at your next princess party with these games and crafts. Make sure you have the camera handy for the whole event to keep the memories alive too. Enjoy and happy princess partying!

About the Author: Annette Yen invites you to her website to find everything you need for the perfect princess party and more!


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