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Tips To Buy A Perfect Baby Gift

By Claire Quaty

When one is invited to a baby shower, you soon get excited about the idea. But then when you think about it, you have to take the child a gift… What can you buy for a baby? Is there a perfect baby gift? Here are some tips on cute, useful baby gifts:


Simple is always best. A memorable gift like baby’s first china plate with matching cup never goes out of style. Choose one with a classic design such as Beatrix Potter®, by Royal Doulton. Classic never goes out of style. These items can become heirlooms passed down for generations to come.

A Basketful of Practicality

A basket full of necessities for the baby is always a welcome gift. Be sure you plan ahead. You don’t want the new mom to have to return any items that she may not use in the near future. For example, buy diapers one size larger. Get refills for the baby wipes. Purchase baby teething rings and teething relief. A bottle of baby Tylenol® and baby Motrin® are always needed. Your friend may not be aware of how much she will need these items right now, but she will soon learn. And she will be so thankful that you thought of it for her.

Sleepers in Different Sizes

One thing every new mom needs is sleepers in various sizes. Babies grow quickly and are always in need of new sleepers. Be sure that the sleeper is easy to snap. No buttons, please! Also be sure that the sleeper will be easy for the mom to put on. Some sleepers are very difficult to figure out. Just get some simple cotton sleepers in different sizes and different colors. This is a great gift that will continue to bring joy to the new mom.

Gifts from the Heart

If you are close to the new mom, homemade goodies are a great gift just for her. After all, no new mother wants to cook after she has just given birth! A homemade casserole is the perfect way to show you care. In fact, the whole family will enjoy the meal. Any type of prepared meal or little extra (cookies, cake, pie) is a fantastic present for the sleep deprived mom.

The Gift of Time

The most wonderful gift you can give a new mother is your time. Give the new mom and dad a little time to themselves. Offer to baby-sit for just a couple of hours. I doubt they want to be away from baby longer than that, but it will allow them to appreciate each other again – even if it’s just for a moment. Besides, you really can’t wait to hold the baby, right?

All that Matters is You Care

You don’t have to spend tons of money on a baby gift. A little thought goes a long way. If you really want to show how much you care, get a nice, small gift now – upon the baby’s arrival. Then, in a couple of months, make the babysitting offer again. Honestly, brand new moms will appreciate whatever you get for their new loved one.

Just be sure to use your imagination and creativity to welcome the newest addition into the lives of your family or friends. Welcome him or her into your life as well.


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Related Links:  | Children:Activities and FunChallenges | School | Parenting | Stories | Babies |

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