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5 Must Haves For Country Kitchen Decorating

By Lee Dobbins

For people who are looking to have a warm earthy feeling to their kitchen along with the simplicity of nature then country kitchen decorating theme is the way to go. Today the country kitchen look has become one of the more popular interior decorating designs being used at is provides an overall welcoming and friendly feeling to a very important area of the home.

However if you are considering to decorate your kitchen in a country style then you will also need to consider whether this will be limited to the kitchen or will spread in to other areas of your home. Plus you will need to look at your budget if you want to be able to carry out such a style of decoration to your kitchen. Below are a number of decorating ideas that you could use if you want to produce a country style kitchen in your home.

1. Colors
For any country style kitchen the colors you should be fresh, clean and warm and the ideal colors to achieve this are browns, yellows, greens, whites, pinks and the various different shades in between.

2. Accents
By adding just a few accents such as fruit, flowers, vegetables and plants will also help to increase the feel of a country kitchen that you are trying to achieve.

3. Furniture
It is preferable that you use lighter woods or wicker furniture in your country style kitchen design and it is wise if they can be upholstered in either gingham or floral type patterns. If you want to save money then instead of buying new furniture why not just make slip covers for the furniture you already have.

4. Flooring
The preferred kind of flooring for a country kitchen should be made from a natural material such as wood, tile or flagstones. However if these will not be covered in the budget you have then the same look can be achieved using wall to wall carpeting or laminate flooring instead. However, it is important that the flooring you use is the right sort of color (any light shade). You could even use hooked or braided rugs instead in order to add an authentic look to the finished room.

5. Accessories
The final thing you need to consider when doing a country kitchen decorating design is what kind of accessories will work best and that the family will enjoy looking at. Why no put some family photos in to wooden frames, a painted rustic scene is a good idea, whilst plants, candles and even lace curtains can provide you with a finish that are all important to finish off your country style kitchen.

It is important that when designing your country style kitchen is to have an open mind and only include those features which appeal to you the most.

About the Author: Lee Dobbins writes about kitchen decorating. Visit for more great kitchen decorating ideas.


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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