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Country Decorating

What Influences Your Decorating Style?

By Karen Cundiff

What features compel us to decide upon a particular decorating style? The process begins with what we want our home to feel like and what we want out of the environment, in which we spend our quality time. Being with our families, enjoying time with friends, sitting in a cozy chair with a great book and favorite drink - these are the things we think of when imagining our time at home. If you ask anyone what words best describe country decorating, they would say warm and cozy. Having family and friends feel welcome and relaxed when visiting is important. Visitors don't want to feel like they can't sit on the sofa or kick off their shoes. The country decorating style, in its simplistic, yet beautiful appearance, achieves this objective.

Country decorating fills your home with charm and personality, while creating a warm and cozy environment for your family and friends. In the fast-paced world we live in, having a home that is reminiscent of a simpler time is a comforting feeling.

Absolutely, homes can be filled with the most expensive furniture and accessories, and still not feel warm, cozy and inviting. There is more to country decorating than expensive items. For instance, crafts, which are prevalent in country decorating, are fairly inexpensive to make or buy. However, they add a personal touch, and their homemade qualities have an appeal that cannot be denied. Accessories and accent pieces is a feature that bring personality to your home. A room without a personal touch feels cold and not welcoming, even if it is beautifully furnished.

The wall color choices for your home are important in establishing a cozy atmosphere. Use rich, warm country colors. Reds, blues, and greens are a few choices that might be considered. Wallpaper in country patterns and themes, wainscoting and beadboard are wonderful wallcovering options that add texture and interest.

There are several variations to country decorating, such as, primitive, folk, Americana, and rustic/lodge/cabin. They all have their own characteristics, but can easily be used in conjunction with each other from one room to another. You can have an Americana decorated bathroom and a lodge style family room, for example. It can certainly be difficult to choose just one country decorating style, so rest assured, you can certainly incorporate more than one throughout your home.

Primitive - rough, old, unfinished look

Folk - crafty look, angels, rag dolls, cows, sheep, Amish style

Rustic/Lodge/Cabin - all three terms are used for this wildlife style decorating, bears, moose, deer, hunting, metal, wood, log furniture, pinecones, outdoor appeal

Americana - patriotic decor, American flag, stars and stripes, red, white, and blue accessories

Enjoy decorating your home. Keep in mind the idea of a peaceful, warm and relaxing setting that you, your family, and friends will always treasure.

About the Author: copyright Karen Cundiff, the owner of Visit this website for country decorating ideas, resources, and get delicious recipes for entertaining family and friends in your country home.


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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