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Show Off Those Curtain Rods

By Ciara McNamara

Curtain rods come in as many different styles and materials as fabric curtains. They can make or break the appearance of your window depending on how you hang them and how they are finished off. Knowing what you can do with the curtain rod will give you some decorating ideas you may not have thought of before.

Anatomy of a Curtain Rod

To start the curtain rod consists of three main parts. There is the pole part that holds the fabric, then finials which cap off the ends of the poles, and the brackets that mount the rod to the wall. Each part can be strictly utilitarian or add a decorative element.

Some curtain poles are adjustable. They are made of two parts that slide into one another so the pole can be lengthened or shortened. This is a good design feature if you decide you want to change the appearance of the width of the window by expanding the window dressing.

The finials are end pieces that can be very ornate and made of many different materials. Some are made of blown glass while others are carved wood. The finials need to match the rod part for a coordinated look. They can be changed out whenever you want just a little updating to the window’s appearance without having to change everything.

The brackets on a curtain rod set can be hidden by the pole or a part of the décor. When the brackets are decorative they can stick out from the wall and allow two rods to feed through them. This would be used to create a layered look with sheer fabric closest to the window and a heavier fabric on top of it.

Hanging Rods to Create New Looks

Many people make the mistake of hanging rods too high or too low. There really isn’t a wrong way, but perhaps a better way. For example, if you have extremely high ceilings and the windows don’t go very close to the top of the wall, you can create longer looking windows by hanging your curtain rods closer to the ceiling. You will need more length in your drapes of course, but it will make your windows much taller.

Likewise, you can create more width to your window by hanging the drapery wider. You still will not want the edge of the window to show, so to create the illusion of greater width, you can bring fabric right to the edge of the window and then go out as wide as you like. It will appear as if the drapes had been drawn in part way on a very large window.

Seeing Double and Triple

Curtain rods come in many styles but also have built in double and triple rods. These rod styles are great for more layering. You can hang sheers and drapes ( ) , or two different fabric patterns. The layering gives a rich look that can also serve as insulation for older windows that may allow a draft to come in.

Curtain rods can be used on more than just windows too. They can support decorative fabric wall coverings. These types of drapes that cover an ugly wall and can warm up a room and help with controlling noise. There really is no limit to the uses for curtain rods in decorating. Your imagination can put them anywhere.

 Ciara McNamara publishes many articles for Ciara is helps finding the best solutions for curtain rods and home improvement topics.


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
| Room by Room | Seasonal | Decorating Styles | Walls | Windows |

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