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Category:  Clothing and Accessories

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Closet Organizing

Learn Great Tips To Organize Your Closet Now

By Josh Neumann

There are few areas in your home as difficult when organizing as your closet. You keep so many items in there such as shirts, pants, shoes, and miscellaneous things, itís no wonder the closet is so hard to keep clean. Here are some tips to organizing your closet for maximum effectiveness starting today.

First of all, have a plan in place beforehand of how you want the closet to look when itís done. Donít merely begin the overhaul without having any idea in mind of the final product. Write down the plan and even a picture of the finished closet, and stay focused on your efforts to get there.

Now, start off the closet organizing process by discarding all your unused clothing immediately. There is nothing more wasteful than keeping around clothes you have no use for. Place these items in boxes and put them in the garage. Later, you can either simply throw them out or give them away to charity.

The most important thing needed for closet organizing is to keep your related items together. When your shirts, pants, shoes, and magazines are all clustered together, itís next to impossible to know where anything is. In order to keep these separate, purchase organizers such as racks or even simple bins to keep your related clothing together and in one place.

Make use of the closet floor. Many closets come with a lot of floor space that most people underutilize, yet can be very effective when you need some extra space.

Remember, however, always leave some extra room for more items later on. If you fill up the whole closet too quickly, you wonít have any room for new items you may find or purchase later on.

When utilizing the floor, stack your clothes in neat piles where they will be out of your way when searching for other items. For instance, keep your shirts piled together, pants, etc. Donít simply strew items all over the floor, which can do more harm than good.

Most people fall into the trap of believing that their closet is all about vertical space. They forget the horizontal space that, when utilized effectively, can take a tremendous amount of pressure off the rest of the closet.

Try to keep only your clothing in your closets, particularly the bedroom closet. For many people, itís easy to stack miscellaneous items inside such as magazines, books, etc.

Keep your reading material in cabinets and other areas to make room for clothing in your closets. When you try to keep too many different items in your closet, you will quickly lose track of the things youíve stored there.

Start with these simple yet effective tips at closet organizing, and go from there. You will quickly find that, when utilized effectively, your closet can take a tremendous amount of pressure off the rest of your home and its storage space. Donít wait any longer-take action today!

About the Author: For more great organization tips, try visiting, a popular site that teaches closet organizing as well as home organization tips.

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Category:  Clothing and Accessories

Related Links: | Clothing and Accessories | Beauty |

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