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Category:  Cleaning

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Clearing
Your Clutter

By Patricia Diesel

So often I hear clients say they would do just about anything to stop the harassing effects of their clutter.

After countless attempts trying to purge and being defeated, some people associate their lost battles with a feeling of being assaulted. All they know at this point is they want the chaos of the clutter to stop.

Introducing a list of questions at this point helps put things into perspective about not only their current circumstances but also about how the clutter came to be and what is needed to make it go away.

It's more appealing to look at de-cluttering as a fun and enlightening concept rather than another grueling task. The goal is to de-clutter in a fashion that feels comfortable and natural.

If your clutter is having an emotional impact on you, begin by asking yourself the following questions. Allow yourself the luxury of taking the necessary time to answer completely and honestly, you may be surprised what your answers reveal.

What has prevented me from de-cluttering in the past?
- Time
- Motivation
- Energy
- A plan
- Commitment
- Distractions
- Other

What do I find is the hardest thing about de-cluttering?
- I don't trust myself
- Insecure with my decisions
- I double-check myself
- I remember what I like
- Fear of letting go
- Afraid I can't get it back
- I may need it
- Don't want to deal with it
- Other

What would make it easier for me to de-clutter?
- To know it's OK to let it go
- The idea that I can find it again
- Someone to help me
- A reward system
- A plan I can follow
- Thoughts of being clutter free
- Other

How much time am I willing to commit to de-cluttering?
- One day
- One week
- One month
- Six months
- One year
- However long it takes
- Other

What does de-cluttering represent to me?
- Freedom
- Simplicity
- Excitement
- Work
- Exhaustion
- Confusion
- Other

After reviewing the answers to the questions above, you can easily begin to see what you need to put into action in order to begin taking action toward living an organized life. The easiest way to begin making organization part of your routine is to begin incorporating changes slowly. Create small wins for yourself so you can easily feel a sense of accomplishment and treat yourself to celebrate your win. This will begin creating a positive behavior pattern. In time, organization will become a part of your life, not something that overwhelms you.
Patricia Diesel, The Organizing Expert, is author of A Simple Guide to an Organized life and CEO of Keep It Simple Now. Patricia provides professional organizing and life coaching to individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporate arenas. Accomplishments, services, merchandise, and additional information about Patricia can be found at


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Category:  Cleaning

Related Links:  | CleaningClutter Control |

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