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Lesson # 12 -

The Churn Dash Block

Once again I have saved one of my favorite blocks for last.  I love the Churn Dash.  It looks very Early American to me, and can be quite dynamic placed on the diagonal.

Again, there is nothing new to learn.  It is just squares, rectangles, and Half Square Triangles.

Here are the directions to make the pictured block.

Put two 3 3/8 inch squares together (using both fabrics)  Draw a diagonal line down the back of the lighter fabric and then stitch on both sides. 

Do two squares to get the four Half Square Triangles in the block. They will measure three inches raw.

Cut Four  1 3/4 x 3-inch  rectangles from both fabrics.  Those are the pieces that you will join for the outer blocks.

Cut one 3-inch square for the center.

Using the techniques you have already learned, finish by  joining all the pieces.  If you have measured, cut, and sewn accurately, the block will measure 8 inches.

You should have your quarter inch allowance at the end of each point.

Here is a picture of The Churn Dash with Small Squares


Congratulations!  If you've successfully completed these lessons, you are in for hours of fun and creativity!

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