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Choosing Color For Decorating Your House

By Jessica Ackerman

The colors reflect the personality of the person as well as are responsible for generating different types of energies in your house. So, it is very important to choose a suitable color to paint your house. The common things that must be kept in mind while selecting a color are:

• Size of the room: Dark colors tend to visually reduce the area of the room. So it is better that light colors are used for small rooms. In large rooms you can go for different options like patterned color or two colors for painting the walls.

• Paint Type: The paint type is important in terms of cleaning or waterproofing or creating virtual space in the room.

• Sunlight: The room receiving less sunlight if painted with dark color will become darker. So, it is better to paint such room with bright and light colors.

• User of the Room: The person who is going to use the room also affects the color to be used in that room. The color should reflect the personality of the person who resides of the room.

Color Psychology

Different colors affect the psychology of the viewer in a different manner. So, while choosing the color one should take care of certain characteristics associated with it:

• The color should affect the sensational power within 90 seconds after it is viewed.

• The selected color should generate positive energies.

• The color should exhibit your behavior and personality.

The different colors are associated with different sentiments and feelings. Some of the colors and the emotions related to those colors are explained below:

White: White is the color of purity. It exhibits the feelings of truthfulness, cleanliness, gentleness, modernization and loyalty. It is the most refreshing, uplifting and clean color.

Black: Black color is related to boldness as well as evil powers. It is also known as the color of class, power, authority, elegance, seduction, and sophistication.

Red: Red is the color of demanding attention and strength. It is also related to excitement, sex, passion, danger, speed, and aggressiveness. It is the most intense color in terms of emotions.

Blue: Blue color exhibits dignity and trust. It is related to the feelings of faithfulness, coolness, security, reliability, and belonging. It also relates to financial accountability and place of safety.

Green: Green color is the color of prosperity and health. It displays the feelings of fertility, abundance, freedom, growth, healing, nature, and sometimes jealously.

Brown: Brown is known as color of earth and is available plentiful in nature. It exhibits politeness, helpfulness, effectiveness, and richness.

Pink: Pink is the softest color which shows the feelings of sweet, well-being, innocence, femininity and nurture.

Purple: Purple color is mostly used by the artists and shows dignity, royalty, spirituality, luxury, mournfulness, and sophistication.

Orange: Orange color is the color of playfulness, pleasure, warmth, vibrant, endurance, and ambition.

Yellow: Yellow is the color of sunshine, cowardice and jealousy. It improves concentration level.

Gold: Gold is the color of status and luxurious.

Silver: Silver color is a scientific color and color of prestige.

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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
| Room by Room | Seasonal | Decorating Styles | Walls | Windows |

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