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Category:  Clothing and Accessories

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Buyer’s Guide To Handbags

By Syahrul Azlan Idris

As every woman knows, handbags can make or break an outfit. You can choose to carry a bright and cheery tote bag during a fun get-together with friends, or you can bring along a bag with a serious work ethic to the boardroom and impress your boss. Either way, your choice of handbags sends a message to others about your personality and mood, but if you choose wrong, your whole look suffers.

Choosing the right handbag should be like selecting a new pair of pants; it should fit your body type. Like a great pair of jeans, the right handbag can complement your figure, too. Now, remember that the shape of your handbag should not match with the shape of your figure. Rather, it should be the opposite. For instance, get a bigger handbag to carry along if you’re tall and thin. A slouchy, rounded hobo-type bag should go well for you. If you’re more of the petite and voluptuous type, get a handbag that is long and sleek.

While the shape of your handbag should be the opposite of your figure for maximum effect, the handbag’s size should be proportionate to your body type. Try it out at the store first, and get a feel for how it looks and fits. If it makes you uncomfortable, pass on it. Some of the basic designs and styles are proven to last throughout the years, while still managing to give the owner an updated fashionable look.

Learn how to tell the difference between a fake and a look-alike. Fakes are those who are complete knock-offs of the original, with matching fake logos to boot, while look-alikes are simply items that were inspired by the original designs. Now, perhaps you may feel like you deserve a great bargain, or you just can’t afford the real deal. So you go ahead and purchase a fake from a website or a street dealer. After all, these knock-offs are so good now that even professionals find it difficult to tell the difference. You can also save hundreds of dollars in the process. So what’s the harm?

Fake handbags may seem great bargains when you buy them at first, since they all sport the distinctive designer logos while still being cheap, but remember that you’ll be buying the products of a counterfeiter. There are more ties to counterfeiting than you’d probably think. Gangs and organized crime syndicates all get nice profits from dealing in counterfeit products. How can you tell if your handbag is fake or not? Well, if the price seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Study about your favorites. Most designers now have websites designed to display their latest models, along with relevant information. Browse the Web to find out what you like and if it fits your budget. If the price is a little bit steep for you, there are also specialty designer outlet shops in your shopping mall or on the Internet, which sell legit merchandise at reasonable prices.

And now that you have some knowledge about fakes and look-alikes, you’ll also want to keep yourself updated on which styles are hot right now. Those “must-have” bags usually come at a stiff price, so just don’t go and chuck your investment out the window the next time something hot comes along. Fashion comes around in circles, you know, so your pricey purchases will be sure to come back in style a few years later.

About the Author: Azlan Irda is a co-founder of, where you can get luxury handbags at the best prices. Visit us for all your handbag needs.

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Category:  Clothing and Accessories

Related Links: | Clothing and Accessories | Beauty |

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